Can The Shade Of Sunglass You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Can The Shade Of Sunglass You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Sunny disposition? Does it have to do with the shades your looking through?

Does the color you see through your sunglasses have an effect on your mood? We've all heard the phrase about "looking through rose-colored glasses," but does that actually have truth to it? According to a type of therapy, called chromotherapy, it does.

Chromotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the energy in colors.

Chromotherapists base their practice on principles of ayurveda that state that the body has seven chakras, or spiritual centers. These chakras each have a representative color that can be linked to the emotions each chakra holds. Think ROYGBIV, with violet at the top of the head and red at the bottom of the spine.

Alternative medicine techniques, such as chromotherapy are typically seen to be controversial by modern science. Color psychology, or chromotherapy, falls into this category. However, many people find success with chromotherapy and research supports that short term effects on behavior are common. This is exciting when it comes to a certain shade of sunglass boosting your mood. Everything in our world exists in color, so seeing the world through different shades may alter perceptions and elicit a better mood.

The company RainbowOPTX, is one who is using chromotherapy techniques in their sunglasses.

They feature 10 colors, each with a mantra that corresponds to the colors emotion:

Orange: I Feel, linked to emotions of balance, wisdom and joy.

Violet: I Know, linked to awareness, consciousness and inspiration.

Aqua: I Express, linked to communication, love and compassion.

Rose: I Love, linked to love, purity and comfort.

Click here for all the colors and their descriptions!

You might read these and think it's a bunch of hokey-pokey, but, sunglasses aside, there is evidence that your mood could be effected in different ways by different colors. While research in the area of chromotherapy and color psychology is still in its early stages, the effects that certain colors have on an individuals mood have been felt and talked about before. Most people say that they feel calm and peaceful in a blue room, while they feel more energized in a yellow or orange room. Cool colors, such as greens and blues, and warm colors such as reds and yellows, bring out similar moods in most people.

While each shade of sunglasses might not make you feel a certain way, the temperature of the color might adjust your disposition. Altering your mood through color psychology does not mean that you simply rely on a color to change your attitude.

Your frame of mind matters too.

Expecting to put on a pair of green sunglasses and instantly feel balanced and calm is unreasonable. But, putting on those green shades with the intention to feel calm and notice balance in your life may lead to surprising results.

So, can looking at the world through rose-colored glasses actually help you see things in a more a positive way?

That one is up to you to decide. With the right mindset, those pink shades could definitely make you feel more cheerful! Whether it's an exact science or not, experimenting with different shades of glasses could be fun and may even boost your mood!

Cover Image Credit: Cierra Peterlin

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It's happened on more than one occasion.

The occasion of being called out more than once for dressing down for class and by "down" I mean some of the haters we hate to love claiming that they can't see the shorts we're wearing under the oversized band tee on our way to class.

Contrary to popular belief, yes I'm not oblivious to how my choice of outfits for class tends to shift on the more comfortable side and yes, I am aware that it looks like I'm not wearing pants, I like it that way.

Every girl in college wears what they feel is comfortable enough to wear in a 2-hour lecture and these are my ideas of comfort.

1. The infamous oversized tee with Nike shorts.

I'll say it right now, I have a variety of assorted Soffee and Nike shorts that I pair with almost every oversized tee I own and it's my go-to for those 8 AM math lectures.

2. Oversized tee with leggings and riding boots.

Once the first red, yellow and orange leaf is found on campus grounds, you know you're about to see a swarm of college girls, like me, sporting riding boots in every shade of brown. Jeans optional.

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This is probably one of the many flannels I've stolen from my boyfriend and certainly not the last one. Paired with another favorite standard black leggings, you can't go wrong with this outfit to snooze in.

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Another one of my favorites.

10. Dresses (or anything even relatively formal).

Disclaimer: I personally would never come to class wearing this but gigantic kudos to cute a** girls that do decide to wear this because you look good.

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1. When you talk about them, people assume that you're talking in third person.

Listen if I was talking about myself I wouldn't use my name.

2. You have to use middle and last names in certain situations.

In band, cheerleading, school, work and around our families, we've been Sarah S, Sarah W, Sarah Maria..and so on.

3. You fight over who gets to be "Sarah 1" and "Sarah 2".

I'm slightly older so I feel like I'm the alpha and get the Sarah 1 privilege.

4. You get referred to as the "Sarahs."

Or whatever name you have.

5. You get to caption your pictures as "Sarah Squared."

Basic but necessary.

6. Their parents call you "their other daughter Sarah."

or their other son and whatever your name is lol.

7. People ask you if your only friends with people who have the same name as you.

No, but it's a bonus lol.

8. You get to confuse people when you introduce yourself.

The looks we've gotten when we say that we're both Sarah are great.

9. But you make it easier for other people to remember names.

I mean come on, there's only one name to remember.

10. They feel the struggle when somebody spells your name wrong.

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11. You both look and respond when somebody says your name.

Uhhh we're going to need yo to be more specific.

12. You have a name twin, and one that you actually like.

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