I was a little girl,

Traveling through castles in the Disney world.

Not once realizing that those Disney tales,

Were nothing but tall tales.

Where every little girl will find that true love hiding in the woods.

Was nothing but encouragements, for me to fall deep in love, only to realize that boys only want one thing.


Cuz as for boys, they believe that sex is love.

I remember it clear as day.

Boys keeping me at bay, only to offer their hand to me, encouraging me to take off my clothes.

Encouraging me to show myself to them, as if they would just welcome me with open arms.

I was just something for them to touch, to feel, to suck.

I am constantly reminded that in my generation,

Gone were the candlelight dinners and taking walks on beaches.

Instead were the constant fuckboy lines of "netflix and chill" and "you wanna chill?"

There was no such thing as the chase, it was just hookups and more hookups after casual dinners at KFC.

Sex isn't love.

It is far from it. Sex is physical intimacy.

But love is the emotional intimacy that people don't know how to look for.

See, it is far from the surface, it is the admiration of loving someone's soul.

Sex isn't love.

Sex is the cause of insecurities and peer pressure.

I hate thinking sex is love, because society caused all of us to think that way.

I want to one day find the love that doesn't require sex to complete it.