Netflix's 'Sex Education' Depicts A Dangerously Inaccurate Version Of Abortion
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Netflix's 'Sex Education' Depicts A Dangerously Inaccurate Version Of Abortion

Maeve's warm and fuzzy, chocolate-mousse covered experience is unfortunately far from the truth.

Netflix's 'Sex Education' Depicts A Dangerously Inaccurate Version Of Abortion

I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I just started watching "Sex Education" on Netflix, at the request of a friend. As the name suggests, this show is pretty smutty. Some scenes could probably be mistaken for actual porn. That's pretty typical of shows these days -- sex sells.

However, I didn't mind the show at first. It wasn't great, but it had its moments. It was something to watch.

That attitude was pretty short-lived, since in the third episode, one of the main characters has an abortion.

The procedure is shown in a very positive light. The facility looks clean and welcoming. The procedure and recovery rooms look like any hospital. However, if you do your research, you'll find that this is not the reality of abortion. Planned Parenthoods are not hospitals. They don't stand a chance when compared to the technology and amenities provided at actual healthcare facilities.

In the show, when Maeve, the character receiving the abortion, wakes up after the procedure, she is in a bed with blankets and a privacy curtain. She's offered chocolate mousse upon waking. It's as if she went to the school nurse after getting a booboo playing kickball. She even has the strength to walk all the way home and quickly returns to having sex with the father of the child, whom she never told about her pregnancy.

This idealist portrayal is not only untrue, it's sickening.

The movie "Unplanned" was released in select theaters last year. This movie is based on the book written by former clinic director of Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson. It describes her journey from abortionist to a leader of the pro-life movement.

This movie has been reviewed by several former abortionists, who all praise its accuracy.

In this movie, which was released only at select theaters and is not on Netflix, there is no chocolate mousse. There isn't even a bed.

The clients don't fall asleep peacefully, wake up with their makeup still on and walk on home.

In this movie, a teenager nearly dies as she wakes up in a chair, the "recovery room." Blood is dripping down her legs, streaming out of her perforated uterus. Abby screams for someone to call an ambulance, and another abortionist quickly corrects her; Planned Parenthood never calls the hospital. This cannot get out, cannot make the news. The girl's parents never find out they nearly lost their daughter.

In this movie, the sonogram displays how the baby thrashes about, fights for life, squirms to avoid the abortionist's suction. Abby tells the abortionist that the baby moved. He replies, "They always move. That's why we do it this way." The woman is conscious and in pain. It shows the child's ultimate demise. The baby's life, lost; the mother's life, ruined. It shows Abby Johnson's second abortion, an at-home "quick" and "painless" procedure. It shows her laying in a puddle of blood in her bathtub, screaming in agony.

This is the reality of abortion.

And yet, the version which is available on Netflix, publicly advertised, and most open to public view is the warm and fuzzy chocolate mousse fairytale. "Unplanned" wasn't even allowed to be advertised on television channels.

Why are they so scared of the truth?

Because abortion is a business. Planned Parenthood sells murder to turn a profit. The Center for Medical Progress released undercover footage from Planned Parenthood events, where they spoke with directors and abortionists about their "business."

One woman described the loophole Planned Parenthood's paperwork contains. The abortionist need only to check a box, stating their "intent" to utilize dismemberment during the abortion, which is legal. Once the abortion is underway, however, "anything" could happen. Anything could go wrong, could require them to make adjustments that may result in otherwise illegal abortions, such as partial-birth.

Other videos include Planned Parenthood directors discussing illegally selling fetal body parts.

Another woman was asked what happens if the child is born alive. She responded, "You've got to check who's in the room with you," suggesting the child could be killed post-birth.

This is the reality of abortion. Planned Parenthood is the locus of evil in our country. Portrayals of abortion such as in Sex Education are part of the problem. The misinformation and propaganda allows for the perpetuation of abortion and the institutional massacre of children.

At the March For Life in January, many college-age students were seen carrying signs which stated, "We are the pro-life generation." One-third of our generation is missing due to abortion. More than 300,000 children a year, due to Planned Parenthood alone.

The journey to a nation, a world without abortion starts with discrediting false portrayals of abortion in the media. Information is power. Don't let the media fool you. Abortion is murder. One day it will be treated as such, God help us.

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