7 Questions And Answers With My Best Friends
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7 Questions And Answers With My Best Friends

Sometimes, best friends are forever.

7 Questions And Answers With My Best Friends
via Owen McGonigle

Vanessa Fonseca and Lisandra Lopez have held the title of my “best friends” for about four years now. The memories we have made are practically endless, and I, therefore, believe our stories are ones that should be told. Ones that should be immortalized in the beautiful art of writing.

Q: When did we first meet, and what did you first think of me?

Vanessa: We first met in elementary school; I don't know what grade. Although I have horrible memory, I'm pretty sure my overall impression was that you were weird and disliked me... maybe a little annoying too

Lisandra: When we first met, I was the shy new girl in school and you had introduced yourself and immediately started light conversation over how I reminded you of someone from a book you were reading at the time. It was instantly obvious to me you were a very outgoing, confident person who didn’t mind going out of their way to make someone feel comfortable and wanted in a strange environment. I always appreciated being acknowledged, even though I literally had no idea what you were talking about and you didn’t elaborate much on the character.

Q: When was the first moment you considered us “friends” ?

V: I can't think of an exact moment but it was the eighth grade for sure because that's when we started talking and hanging out and just associating with each other more. Also, I saw you every day at school in a few classes so I guess I considered you a friend.

L: That’s just how I felt when we met. Yeah, I didn’t have any friends at that point.I considered us friends the moment I found that I could genuinely laugh with you, and also be able to carry on a conversation without retreating into my shell or worrying too much about what I was saying.

Q: Were there ever moments in which you questioned our friendship?

V: Yes. Junior year. You were a jerk and judged me a lot and I was salty 24/7. But I love you now so it's okay :)))))

L: No, not really? I don’t exactly know how to answer that. Because I haven’t questioned our friendship but there have been points in which I hit all time self-esteem lows or I over analyzed things way too much and thought maybe you would throw shade when you were actually just joking. So not that I questioned our friendship but I questioned how good of a friend I was really being to you guys because I felt awful sometimes.Like whenever it came to me not being single but after a while of dwelling and overthinking it I got myself to understand that’s just how we all joke around sometimes and it was nothing personal and that I was really panicking for no reason. I resolved that super quick and no resentment there for any of that, I love you very much and our friendship is stronger and zestier than ever.

Q: When was the moment you realize we were “best friends”?

V: I always considered us best friends because we were all in a group since freshmen year and I spoke to you all every day and to me that's a best friend. But if I'm more picky about the definition of best friend I'd say definitely the end of junior year and on. That's when we would hang out one on one and really learned so much about each other and who we were as individuals rather than as a group and overall grew this crazy strong bond.

L: I realized we were best friends when we could have deep talks by afternoon and then sprint all the way from the movies to Target in full Dauntless attire (trench coats and all) by night.

Q: What is your favorite memory with me, and why?

V: This is SUCH a hard question. Seriously it's been like four years and I have to pick one memory???

All those times we would get chip and Starbucks and drive around Kearny for hours doing stupid things (like looking for imaginary bridges, stalking people's houses, gossiping, and almost dying on that dead end street).

L: I have shitty memory so picking anything super specific is difficult for me. Especially when we’ve already been through a lot. But I think my most recent favorite memory with you was when we were at the roller rink not too long ago supporting our best friend Vanessa in a specific endeavor from a distance. And we just managed to squeeze in every type of conversation we could: from looking back on adolescence to growing up and going into the real world, talking about life and everything going on in it, talking about the growth and development we’ve seen in the three of us and in ourselves especially, and then just goofing off and hoping Vanessa would regroup soon to join us once more.

Q: Looking back, did you ever think we would be in this position?

V: Well, I would've thought we would have two other people here in this group chat with us (shade). Besides that, I figured we would still be friends and continue to talk every day. I also figured we'd all be going to college except I imagined Owen going farther and me staying closer and Lisandra coming with me. But I didn't think we would be so grown up and change as much as we did. I didn't expect us all to help each other grow the way we did. I also didn't think you all would have this much of an impact on my life and self-image as you did. I think the biggest surprise was how much I changed for the better because of you guys. I'm trying not to get all emotional and cliché, but you guys really brought me out of the dark and I did NOT expect that from two people I met in middle school.

L: I don’t think I did, at least not for awhile. I didn’t think a lot of what has happened would. We’ve been through a lot of shit that’s rocked our friend group to the core and we’ve had to make some serious decisions about who we wanted to keep close to us. Mid sophomore year when things were falling apart and really changing the foundation of our friendships, I would often have panic attacks over how I would potentially lose you guys. And I think that’s when I realized that no matter what, I wanted to try my absolute hardest to stick through the hard times and make situations better and always be there for you guys because I couldn’t see a life without you. You’ve influenced me for the better and you and Vanessa are my family, I never wanted to lose that or risk losing it again. And now that we’re here, I’m really glad I kept that vow to myself. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Q: Do you have any regrets in regard to our friendship, or anything that happened along the way?

V: I don't regret much because I'm very happy with the way we are now and who's included in this friendship. If anything I wish we could've been more mature back then for our own sakes and maybe even now but that's a growth thing, you know? I couldn't expect myself or anyone to be super mature in high school. It's high school.

L: No, I think everything has unfolded the way it has had to. I don’t have any regrets about our friendship or what’s happened because everything has fallen into place and lead to this moment. Everything was for a reason and everything we went through has led to us developing an even stronger bond than before. I couldn’t be more content with the way things turned out.

Q: Do you have any final thoughts on our past, present, or future?Anything you would want me to know going into college and the upcoming events of my life?

V: I'm gonna try to make this funny because I know Lisandra will make this super emotional.

Well now that I've been through 30 minutes of deep thoughts first I want to apologize for all the juicy conflict that was created through me (although it was exciting if I do say so myself).

I'm so beyond grateful for having you guys as friends. I don't understand how I got so ridiculously lucky. It truly doesn't make sense to me. I seriously don't think I can survive without you guys so you better not leave me because not to be dramatic but I'd probably die.

Also you better tell your kids how cool I was and how nice my eyebrows were and about my uncanny resemblance to Shay Mitchell. I love you both beyond words.

L: On our past: we’ve had a long history of friendship chock full of situations in which we’ve learned from and matured. I’d just remind you to never forget those situations or lessons because there’s always a way in which you can look back and learn a new life lesson from them. You have taught me so many lessons and have shaped me into a better person than I was before I met you and for that I will be eternally grateful.

As for the present: we’re in the midst of one of the most transformative moments a young adult can be in. We’re becoming independent, moving off into more unknown territory and thrusting ourselves into the real world. I know you’re a confident, able person but I just want you to remember that no matter what, no matter what’s going on or how you may be feeling, I am and will always be rooting for you. And you can do amazing things. And that I do and will always love you.

As for the future: I know you’ll do incredible things, I always have. As for what will happen or what life will bring, I’m not sure. Just know that despite all of life’s hardships, everything will fall into place and everything will be okay. Have faith, in both yourself and the universe, and you’ll be even more unstoppable than you are now. I have faith in you, your abilities, and our friendship. Although I’m no psychic, I can say now with certainty that I’ll be with you on your journey to ultimate success every step of the way. As we grow, so will our friendship. After all, we have to grow up and have wine Wednesday’s like we always joke about.

True friendship truly is not perfect.It is filled with bumps in the road, hiccups, and maybe even losing a few along the way. But the friends that matter are the friends that stay. The friends that fight through it all because your love is strong. Keep those friends in your life.

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