It seems that one day a year is not nearly enough days to celebrate moms. They do so much, and most of it goes unnoticed to ensure their children are okay and feel loved. Today I honor my beautiful, talented, kind, caring, and lovable mom who I am so thankful to have in my life.

She bends over backward to ensure I am okay and have all the tools I need to continue to become the person I am today. Moms deserve the world for everything they do and here are some cute ideas to spoil her on her special day.

1. A gift-card to get her nails and toes done

What mom really doesn't enjoy a little pampering?! This is a gift you can never go wrong with and will be sure to be a hit.

2. A weekend getaway with her daughters

If you have a little extra cash saved up this is a great idea and will allow for some much needed mother daughter time.

3. A day free of laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Three things every mom secretly hates to do but never complains and just does it anyway. This would give her a much-needed break.

4. A coffee date paid for by you.

Every mom loves coffee and a little bonding time will make her cup just that much better. Pick a cute little place and enjoy a nice morning with your special mom.

5. Matching bracelets with you.

This is a sweet gift and will allow your mom to have a piece of you wherever she goes. Every mom loves jewelry and you get a little treat out of it too!

6. Homemade cards and crafts.

As we get older it seems as though the crafts we do in school begin to decrease. This will allow your mom to have a little time lapse as she will remember when you were much littler making these crafts.

7. Lots of time and attention.

Every mom just wants to be appreciated and a little help here and there will make a huge difference. Be sure to always tell your mom you love her and how much she means to you.