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10 Tips Every Seton Hall Commuter Should Know

Commuting can be tough, but background knowledge can go a long way into making your commute more pleasurable.

10 Tips Every Seton Hall Commuter Should Know
Photo courtesy of Alan Delozier

The semester has just started back at the Hall. For many, it's a time of excitement and joy to start classes again and see all the people you missed that you didn't get to see as much during the summer. It's also a great time for those who get to dorm, but not all students have that experience. Other students commute back and forth to school, and while that can be a stressful experience, these tips will help guide you to have a better commuting routine.

1. The early bird catches the parking spot

Even if you don't take any morning classes, still plan to get to Seton Hall bright and early. Spots easily fill up within the hour that school opens and, if you want that prime parking spot, grab some coffee and beat the traffic. You may tell yourself that waking up early isn't worth it, but when you're scouring the lots looking for an available spot in the afternoon, you will learn that it is worth losing an extra hour of sleep.

2. It's not just you, the spots are tight

Trust me, the feeling you get when you're parked too close to another car under Xavier and you slowly exit your car like a slug to avoid dinging the other car isn't just coming from you. The spots outside of the parking deck are way smaller than normal and, when you drive a big truck, parking there isn't the best option. Spots in the deck however are just about right, especially for larger vehicles.

3. A permit is expensive….


The price of a parking permit can be off-putting to many. The price of my fall commuter permit is $166 before, covering from the end of August to December. When you see that number pop-up on your Bursar bill, it can be scary to look at.

4. …but tickets are more so


You are still better off buying a permit than getting a ticket for not having one though. A ticket is $50 and those can build up. I used to work in Parking Services and, honestly, even if you think no guard will get you, THEY WILL! You can't escape them forever, so please, spare yourself extra expenses and get the permit.

5. The parkway between 7am-9am is a no-go

The parkway can be one of the best ways to get from place to place but once traffic hits, it hits. From these early morning hours, expect to encounter traffic jams on your way to school. The best solution is to either take an alternate route or go at a different time if need be. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a sea of cars rather than drifting by as you normally would.

6. NJ Transit is...iffy...

I used to commute by train so I'm somewhat of an expert on this. The train can come late and that is something to be prepared for. Always arrive/leave early to not miss your ride, otherwise you might be missing some precious class time.

7. ... but it can also be very convenient 

Traveling by train means you get to see a lot of New Jersey that you may have never gotten to see before. It's also MUCH more affordable for students living on a budget.

8. Coming late? You will still find a spot

Even if you end up coming late to campus, don't be alarmed by the filled up parking spots you will see. There is always available parking on campus (minus snow days, when the 5th level of the parking deck is closed).

9. We understand if you're late

Life happens. You were caught in a traffic jam. Your car broke down. The train had to stop for whatever reason. It's okay because it has happened to all of us and it's sometimes completely out of your control. Just try your best to still make it to campus.

10. Commuter students can still have fun on campus

While we're not the fortunate ones to dorm on campus, that doesn't prevent us from having fun still. There are club sponsored events almost every week and there's a plethora of orgs to join. Interested in skiing? There's a club for that. Always wanted to be a part of a sorority? Go ahead and become a member of one.

Being a commuter doesn't limit us from living out the best of our college experiences, so go out there and make your years count.

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