Future Me,

I am not here to tell you to be the smartest in your class. The most religious person in your Bible study. The fittest person at the gym. What I am here to tell you is far more important than any of those things. So, here I go.

After finishing the first year at college I was extremely proud of the accomplishments and trials you were able to overcome. Though the transition to school was not the easiest thing in the world, you made it work by putting yourself out there and joining groups, clubs, and organizations. Come second semester things really started to turn around so, yay you! Summer has come and gone, and here we are at the beginning of our sophomore year in college! Along with the excitement that comes along with not being the "baby" on campus anymore, moving into the sorority house, and taking classes that are applicable to my major, I want to make sure you are also taking time to be excited about loving yourself!

On those weeks when you feel too lazy to walk down to Bible study and try to make excuses of having "too much homework", look back at this and think to yourself, what do you have to lose by giving an hour of your time to something you care about?

The days when you are running from class, to class, to meetings, to the HRC, to dinner, take time to sit down and treat yourself. No, that doesn't mean to find an excuse every day to buy a Starbucks, eat a slice of cake, or binge watch a series on Netflix. That's just called being lazy! But know when your limits are being pushed, and when they are, take a break and don't forget to take care of yourself!

When you walk out of a quiz or test and feel like your life is over, go back to your room and hug it out with your friends. Life isn't over from one 7/10 on a quiz. You WILL graduate. You WILL get a good job. Take a deep breath and realize that while the competitiveness of grades and GPA that is bred on a college campus can sometimes be great to motivate you, it's necessary to step back and realize how amazing you are and how far you're going to go in life.

When you wake up and feel motivated to do absolutely NOTHING, ask yourself if you are being lazy, or if something is really going on inside. Let yourself have fun, don't stay cooped up in your room binging Queer Eye with a bag of popcorn every single Saturday. Sure, it is good to have some alone time reading a book or watching a show, but don't withdraw so far into yourself that you miss the things happening right outside your door.

Who loves the gym? Maybe like, 1% of people. As much as you hate it, get your booty to the treadmill and put in the work to get results that you want. Abs don't come from watching fitspo videos every day on YouTube… sad but true. A healthy you is a happy you, don't neglect your health due to school work or laziness!

Basically, be a kick-ass you. The best you that you can be. This year has so much to offer, and so many new memories just waiting to be made. Put yourself out there, be confident and do your best. Here's to your best year yet!