Are you tired of searching up other people's morning and night routines on Youtube? Would you rather do it on the go? That's what podcasts are for!!! My favorite thing to do is live vicariously through others by listening to what they discuss on their podcasts. Podcasts are my mixture of self-help books and Youtube/tv. I can learn something on the go while making a mental note of what I could be doing better in my life. I have found five podcasts that I feel are the most beneficial to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as my constant need to know what is going on in the pop culture world.

1. The Almost 30 Podcast

First of all, these ladies are my dream best friends. Krista and Lindsey are some of the most real people you'll find in California. I met them at a marketing conference in Arizona then found myself taking Lindsey's spin class at Soul Cycle in Santa Monica a little later. That is the best part about them is that they are crazy real. They invite some of the coolest guests on their podcasts to discuss health, wellness, spiritual life, sexual intimacy, friendships, relationships, and how to be badass businesswomen. What more could you need?

I grew up in Southern California, so listening to their podcast weirdly brings me home. Do you ever have those weird things that do that for you? Anyways, this is a great starting podcast to add to your collection. They have almost three years of weekly content for you, so you better start now!!

2. Lady Gang

This is a podcast and a new show!!! I can get sucked into this group of ladies for hours. They keep me updated on all the drama surrounding pop culture and give me a good laugh while doing it. I consider myself the queen of pop culture (credit to the E-News Instagram page) so I'm constantly in the know. And now, I get to listen to a podcast and have people update me instead!!! My favorite thing to do while listening to or watching the Lady Gang is to pour myself a glass of wine and chill. It's one of those things and my favorite part is that it doesn't take a lot of brain power to listen to them. You don't think "oh wow I should make that recipe tomorrow" or "I'll try that workout." It's just a lot of information you probably won't need again but will keep you entertained for the night. Truly brilliant.

3. Him and Her by the Skinny Confidential

First of all, are you following the Skinny Confidential on Instagram? Because if not, go do that right now. When I say Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is everything, I mean she is truly EVERYTHING. I wait patiently for her Instagram stories because they are so informative and perfectly branded. Her podcasts (that involve her hubby) are the same deal. You are constantly learning and she's constantly real and open with her listeners. We love a girl willing to share her boob job secrets! I follow her morning routines and her advice on food all day, every day. It is nice to find a person you really trust on Instagram or in the podcast world because then you feel like you have a best friend giving you the best advice. Her podcast is perfect for those looking for more heavy information on specific topics.

4. Skimmed from the Couch

The Skimm was a HUGE help when I was competing for pageants. They basically explain big news stories in simple/basic terms which I really appreciate. They stick to their brand and their voice, so it feels like your best friend is just updating you on the news minus the uhms and likes. Perfect, right? No more listening to your parents talk about politics and going "oh yeah that doesn't seem good" even though it could be extremely good. This podcast will help you be a huge hit at your boyfriend's parents' dinner parties! You'll be his one "smart" girlfriend! I don't go ham on listening to their podcast because sometimes it can be an overload of information so take it slow, maybe start at the most recent ones with the most recent stories. Happy skimming!

5. Goal Digger

The last, but not least podcast, is Goal Digger by my fave Jenna Kutcher. Sign me up for any business woman fierceness that you can find. I love listening to how I can improve my life. but with simple steps. Do you ever feel as if some things are just crazy unattainable, but since your idol is doing it, you give it your best shot? That's a difficult life to live. Jenna Kutcher shares personal stories and business advice on how to make your business thrive. Women encouraging other women is such an amazing thing and we need more of it!

These are my five go-to podcasts and obviously, I have subscribed to many more, but in different genres like murder mysteries and any podcasts discussing my favorite shows. Get your podcast app and check out and see if anything sparks your interest.