The Bachelor is the longest and most sought after reality dating show in America. With a handsome bachelor and 30 single bachelorettes it is a show that will have you at the edge of your seat in the name of love. The show starts off with 30 women who are all trying to stand out among the rest and in the attempt to do this their wardrobes are a factor in this effort.

During the infamous rose ceremonies the women on The Bachelor are told to bring enough dresses for the ten rose ceremonies. They are also provided with a packing list of what clothing to bring as certain prints and patterns do not look good on camera. When the women are competing on the show money is no object as Olivia Caridi a contestant on season 20 of The Bacheor reportedly spent $40,000 on her wardrobe for the show. Another contestant Jillian Harris stated that she re-mortgaged her house to afford clothes for the show. Love blinds these hopeless romantics in order to look their best for America's most eligible bachelor.

The producers make sure each contestant looks their best and that no two women are wearing the same dress the night of the first rose ceremony. Jaclyn Schwartz from season 16 and appeared on the Bachelor in Paradise as well as Bachelor Pad stated that "you come with a dress and probably a backup dress". On the show there are many different types of dates that take place some include horse back riding, yoga lessons, sky diving, dance lessons, and picnicking. How is one to prepare for all these types of dates? The producers will vaguely tell the women what they should wear on these special days as to not give anything away but allows the women to be more at ease as tensions are high to go on a date with Mr. Dreamy. On the last two rose ceremonies the producers will pick out the dresses for the lucky last two women. The last one standing is the winner of the best dressed as well as the winner of the beautiful Neil Diamond ring on her perfectly polished finger.