5 Secret Menu Starbucks Drinks From Starbucks' Biggest Fan
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5 Secret Menu Starbucks Drinks From My Roommate, Arguably Starbucks' Biggest Fan

5 off-the-menu Starbucks drinks any inexperienced coffee customer will love

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I've never been a coffee girl. Every once in a while I'll indulge in a Dunkin' caramel swirl, or Starbucks cloud macchiato, but it's not every day that you'll find me with a coffee in my hand.

However, I live with Starbucks' number one fan. Yes, I know that is a bold statement. Yes, I'm standing by it.

My roommate Sam goes to Starbucks once a day, sometimes twice if she's in need of more caffeine after work. By now it's safe to say she's tried most of the Starbucks drink menu — so much so that she no longer uses the menu to order.

In our house, it's become routine that if one of my other roommates needs a coffee, and can't figure out what to order, Sam will create a drink for them that never fails to be incredible.

Here's a list of some of her secret concoctions.

1. Venti Iced Coffee with extra ice, no classic syrup, almond milk, sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup, and caramel drizzle.

This creation is my absolute favorite. It is sweet, but not too sweet, milky but not so much that you feel like you're just drinking coffee milk, and my favorite part - relatively low calorie. So often the best drinks at Starbucks are not worth their overly sugared contents. This drink is the perfect compromise.

2. Triple shot of espresso over ice in a grande cup with pumpkin cream

This drink is a nice alternative to your regular pumpkin spice latte. It'll still provide you with that pumpkin flavor, except this time it'll be accompanied by a big punch of caffeine.

3. Iced Coffee with extra ice and white chocolate mocha sauce

This one is pretty self-explanatory but still extremely good.

If you're really not into drinking coffee but are looking for a new drink:

4. Honey Citrus Mint Tea with light lemonade

For our non-coffee drinkers, this tea/lemonade mix will both quench your thirst, satisfy your sweet tooth, and provide some caffeine.

5. Iced Chai with milk of your choice, and 3 pumps of pumpkin syrup

This drink absolutely screams fall, in the best way possible. Though the chai will provide caffeine, if you're feeling like you need an extra kick, try adding a shot of espresso.

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