There are hundreds of unique and unexplainable cultures around the world that have been hiding under a shadow of oblivion to people. It wasn’t until recently that anthropologists have started to shed light upon them, beginning with a group of girls that are involved in some sort of exclusive club or organization. This organization is called a “sorority.” To my surprise, there are a variety of sororities that girls can join, depending on the location of the college one attends. These girls identify as “sisters” to one another, a word that holds more meaning and represents their bond as one of family, not friendship. What distinguishes one sorority from another are their specific philanthropies and different value and moral codes.

Girls claim they join sororities with the intention of raising money for that specific philanthropy that they all hold near and dear to their hearts. Yet, observers all know the true reason why one joins. To receive the benefits and reputation of a sorority sister. to get the invites to the cool and wildest parties on campus, open to exclusives only. To go on date nights with other frats. To flaunt shirts with greek letters imprinted in elaborate fabric designs. However, before an average civilian participates in a sorority and its events, one must go through a week long process called “recruitment.”

During recruitment, sisters of sororities interact with potential new members, getting a feel for their personalities and beliefs, all in an unrealistic matter of ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are terminated, the sisters rotate to other possible contestants. This process re-occurs for the whole week. Each day is designed according to a specific theme. The reason for this is to impress the new members and lowkey beg them to pick them. But, the real reason is to compete with other organizations for who has the "best recruitment" and attract all the favorable new members. May the best sorority win.

The day after recruitment ends, the members of the sorority hand out their bids to the girls they have chosen to join their exclusive sisterhood. The recipients must then decide to either accept or reject this special invite. If they choose to accept, they later attend a rite of passage that same day. The festivity is full of cheers, food, and even presents for the new members. Girls spend time giggling while taking photos. They even converse again with their new members, finally getting to actually know their personalities, even if it is too late to withdraw their bid. This festivity and rite separates the rookies from average students, since they are now considered special college students; they are now sorority sisters. It also marks the beginning of their transition until initiation, when the new members become actual sisters by law, with rights and respect.