Seasonal depression, as told by "Stranger Things"

It's hard to imagine that the weather could have so much to do with mental health, but for many people, it does.

Seasonal depression, also known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a subcategory of depression that occurs during certain times of the year, usually during the winter months. Many people that suffer from chronic or severe depression also suffer from SAD. Symptoms can include fatigue, loss of interest, poor concentration, and suicidal thoughts. It's often hard for those who suffer from SAD to express what emotions and thoughts come up during this period of what feels like endless isolation.

After watching both seasons of "Stranger Things," I began to think of the show as a metaphor for my own seasonal depression. Weird, I know. But the constant flip-flopping of worlds is very similar to what I experience when the seasons change. It's like entering a different universe, and you have to figure out the customs, rhythms, and dangers of the new environment.

All that said, I have curated a list of seasonal depression experiences expressed by GIFs of all our beloved "Stranger Things" characters. Enjoy!

1. Saying goodbye to your all your serotonin when January arrives

"See ya if the sun decides to ever show its face again!"

2. Locking yourself in the dark INSIDE so you can't see the dark OUTSIDE 

Because that makes so much sense...

3. Pretending to be caught off guard when someone says, "You look tired!"

"These bags? They're designer!"

4. Seeing someone DARE to be happy on Valentine's Day 

People who celebrate such a pink, cheery holiday in the middle of the bleakest month of the year cannot be trusted.

5. When someone says that taking a walk will make you feel better 

6. Not having energy to go out and get groceries, so you eat all the random stuff in the fridge 

Three different pasta sauces, a bell pepper and some leftover icing. It's almost dinner.

7. Being determined to stick things out, even though you want to hibernate until April 

The groundhog may say 6 more weeks of winter but all things are possible through God...

8. Wondering if "monsoon season" will ever end

What living things needs THIS much rain?!

9. Thanking God on the first warm, sunny day of the year 

*cue boisterous opera music*

10. Kicking your SD out the door when spring *finally* arrives 

Now, back to being a positive, fully functional BOSS.

Seasonal depression is rough stuff. Not for the weak of heart. But hope is found in the title: "seasonal". It comes around, but it leaves as quickly as it came. The sun brings life because the Son brings life, and SAD is just a reminder of how much we depend on the Son.

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