Everything was moving slowly. Her vision seemed to be unstable because of the constant squinting she was doing. The room started to feel smaller than before. She seemed like she wanted to move, but her feet almost appeared to be glued to the floor. This has happened multiple times before, but Camila never really liked to talk about it with us. But she always mentioned that she thought it was the medication for the reason why she was acting this way. Having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was definitely difficult for her since she had to take her medication every day. The strange thing is that she forgot to take her medication that day.

Her face quickly changed once I said what I said. Pacing back and forth, it was almost as if she was trying to make herself believe that this wasn't really happening. "You're pathetic," I said to my beloved friend. The volume of my voice rose, and her body reacted immediately. Her knuckles began to turn white by how hard she was holding her chest. Camila just stared at me, eyes filled with remorse and sorrow. She seemed so hesitant to say anything. Her mouth kept opening, but nothing came out. I looked at her, feeling no remorse for what I had said earlier.

Her eyes kept wandering elsewhere; she couldn't focus on anything except the light. I stood up and walked to the door, hoping that she would say anything. But there she was with her hands shaking and body quivering. As I left that room, I wanted to look back again. But my ego made me leave her alone. I left her drowning.

Camila never faced her issues head-on. She'd pretend nothing bothered her, even when that something kept appearing in her thoughts. But that's just how she was, I guess. Well, the way she actually behaved, and that was the one she kept to herself. The persona she showed outside of her room was adored by everyone in her town. She was their light in the darkness, always motivating everyone to do their best no matter what the outcome was.

The vibrant colors of her aura were gleaming through, and it was truly fascinating to see. That's why when the news came out that she took all of her medication pills, everyone seemed to be so shocked. No one expected it to be her, even when she had everything. I think about her room and the yellow paint that was on her walls. Her room as a complete demonstration of what she was. I began to wonder when that yellow began to get so dull and lifeless. What happened to its beauty? Did I do this? Why did no one ever notice? The holes on her walls that weren't there should have been a sign. The dried-up water on her pillows should have been a sign. Her entire room should have been a sign. She was the sun but slowly turned into the sadness of the sea.