The Best "Scrubs" Episodes To Watch Before The Show Leaves Netflix
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The Best "Scrubs" Episodes To Watch Before The Show Leaves Netflix

Re-watch some of the best episodes of your favorite medical sitcom before it leaves Netflix on May 2nd.

The Best "Scrubs" Episodes To Watch Before The Show Leaves Netflix

Even years after it came to a close, "Scrubs" is still considered the best medical sitcom. More than any other show, it was always able to strike a perfect balance between its comedic elements and heartfelt moments. Completely disregarding Season 9 -- which was disastrous, except for the presence of the beautiful person that is Dave Franco -- the show’s entire eight season run never became the stale shell of a once-great series, a fate which many sitcoms end up facing. Watching (and then re-watching) the antics of J.D. and the rest of the Sacred Heart Hospital staff has always been easy, since the show is currently accessible on Netflix. Unfortunately, after May 2nd, this will no longer be the case. In chronological order, here’s the list of the best episodes to watch before the show leaves Netflix next month.

WARNING: Some spoilers ahead!

1. "My First Day" (1.01)

A great first episode to a stellar series, "My First Day" gives the audience a fantastic introduction to who will soon be our favorite ensemble on television.

2. "My Old Lady" (1.04)

"My Old Lady" was the first episode where viewers really got glimpse at what the show would soon be famous for: it's ability to mix comedy with deep and meaning full moments.

3. "My Occurrence" (1.22)

This is the first episode where we meet Brendan Fraser's lovable character Ben, "My Occurrence" has its lighthearted moments, but also is the beginning to one of the most heart-wrenching storylines of the entire show.

4. "My Screw Up" (3.14)

Considered by many to be the series' best episode, "My Screw Up" is the conclusion to Ben's role on the show, surprising audiences with a shocking and saddening twist at the end.

5. "My Life in Four Cameras" (4.17)

"My Life in Four Cameras" respectfully pokes fun at the traditional multi-cam sitcom approach, but by the end of the episode still manages to deliver a heavy message by the end.

6. "My Way Home" (5.07)

The 100th episode of the series also pays tribute to the classic film "The Wizard of Oz," with tons of references to the film throughout the episode, making for a very enjoyable half-hour.

7. "My Half-Acre" (5.09)

While most episodes are a balance between emotion and comedy, "My Half-Acre" is great for just how silly it is.

8. "My Lunch" (5.20)

Another one of the series' all-time best, the strength of "My Lunch" is how it focuses primarily on the ever-complex relationship between Dr. Cox and J.D.

9. "My Musical" (6.06)

When most shows attempt to do a musical episode, it's a complete disaster. This one, however, was fantastic, and brought the world "Guy Love," a song whose existence is a gift as great as life itself.

10. "My Last Words" (8.06)

This episode is great at emphasizing the deep friendship of Turk and J.D., while also reminding audiences of their good nature.

11. "My Finale" (8.18 and 8.19)

As the episode which should've been the series finale, "My Finale" is the perfect way to say goodbye to a great series.
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