What to do by yourself during the holidays
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Screw Cuffing Season; 10 Things You Can Do By Yourself During The Holidays

The holidays are best spent alone.

Screw Cuffing Season; 10 Things You Can Do By Yourself During The Holidays

It's winter, you know what that means...It's cuffing season! It's that time of year to find a significant other to buy you gifts, sit in front of the fireplace and drink hot cocoa while it watching the snow fall outside your window. Yes, we're all trying to live the fairy tale dream of being the actors in Ed Sheeran's music video "Perfect" but my dears, wake up! This is reality and if you haven't found a person to cuff, you might as well stop looking and start focusing on what really matters, which recipe of mulled wine are you going to use for your cold nights in? If you haven't heard about mulled wine - you're not living your best life.

I've spent the last few years by myself during the holidays. It's not as sad as it sounds, alright? If anything it was the perfect time for me to take care of myself. I always do a little soul searching when I can. Here's a list of things that you can do by yourself other than wallow in self-pity because there isn't really a reason to do that:

1. Make mulled wine - or any other hot holiday drinks 

I cannot emphasize this enough, this is the best thing I've ever had in my life. Invite your girls over for some warm spiced wine and watch Love Actually. If you're going to wallow in self pity, don't do it alone.

2. Travel solo 

In 2015, I flew to New York for Christmas and New Years. I flew in Christmas day and had a flight at 6 am on the 1st of January. I was drunk on my flight but that's another story to tell. My friend was living in New York at the time, so if you have a friend domestically or better internationally, take a chance and just go! I usually check out Kayak Explore for cheap flights during the holidays and I usually pick a random place.

3. Throw a Christmas Party 

Yes, you can definitely do that without a significant other. When I said do things alone that doesn't mean limiting yourself to just yourself. Spend time with people that are there for you and who love you already.

4. Attend the Ballet 

It's a tradition for me and now I go every year (when I'm not broke) but last year, I went by myself. It was like watching a movie alone but way better. I had great seats and champagne in my hand. I mean, what else could I ask for?

5. Read a book 

Nothing is better than curling up in bed with your favorite book. I mean sure having someone to spoon you and warm for feet in the cold is great but I live in LA so really there is no need for that.

6. Plan out your gift wrapping theme 


I'm honestly one of the nerdiest people when it comes to gift wrapping. I love a unique looking package under the tree.

7. Explore your city 

One year on Christmas day, my roommate and I went hiking at Mount Tamalpias then we ended up spending the whole day together exploring San Francisco. She made a cute short video and until today I enjoy watching it, hands down one of the best memories I have in this lifetime.

8. Binge watch a tv show 


This is literally the best time to binge a show. My suggestion is Game of Thrones since the new season is coming April 2019, whoop whoop!

9. Try new baking recipes 


Because baking is super important for the holidays.

10. Call your mom

She's probably already waiting for you to call her. Here's a picture of my mother, FYI I call her everyday.

The holidays are the best time to self reflect on your year. Just because you don't have anyone when everyone has a "someone" doesn't mean you need to as well. Spend it with the person you love the most, yourself!

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