You Are Not A Cow Or A Horse, But You Are Stupid.
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You Are Not A Cow Or A Horse, But You Are Stupid.

Monday morning on my treadmill and I tuned into the news only to learn there is a group of people that are willing to take a drug specifically for cows and horses to prevent them from getting COVID.

You Are Not A Cow Or A Horse, But You Are Stupid.
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I find it difficult to understand some people. To be specific, the professionals that base their careers on the science of medicine and then refuse to get a vaccine that is preventative medicine to eradicate a virus that has killed millions. Am I missing something?

Monday morning on my treadmill and I tuned into the news only to learn there is a group of people that are willing to take a drug specifically for cows and horses to prevent them from getting COVID. Sure, it's going to prevent it, because it will more than likely going to kill you. Okay so you won't die from COVID, you will die from STUPID.

Of course, that is just a last in the bullshit remedies that are being passed around the country. Remember when "The Other Guy" suggested drinking Clorox and the emergency rooms flooded with people poisoning themselves for the sake of a quick cure.

In Florida, the Governor has tweeted the effectiveness of Regeneron over thirty times in the past two weeks, you know that cocktail "The Other Guy" received when he contracted COVID. And yes, it is like the vaccine and is not a fully approved remedy for COVID, but for some reason has the backing of a lot of science deniers. The lines of people not even showing symptoms of the virus are ten-fold compared to the people lining up for a booster shot.

Then later Monday afternoon I watched a news segment regarding a group of firefighters picketing the Orange County Board because the Mayor of Orange County has mandated, they all be fully vaccinated by the end of September. And again, I ask the question, am I missing something? These are the same people that will walk into a burning building, not concerned about the chemical reactions, or repercussions of their job. Willing to go into said building and carry victims out only to possibly contract or give COVID to someone.

They are at times the first people to respond after an automobile accident. They are trained to give aid to victims, so having the additional shield of a vaccine seems like a no-brainer. But stupid isn't just left to the uneducated these days. Stupid has become a common denominator in the fights against this deadly virus.

Yes, you can give me all your excuses for why you think you have a right to keep this medicine out of your body. I get that you have "principles" that don't have anything to do with religion or politics. Just a faith in your mind that you are stronger, smarter, tougher, and not afraid to get sick. Bully for you.

I know I can't lead you into the local drug store pull your sleeve up and ask the nurse to give you the shot. Oh, how I want to do it, I know I can't. I can only stay away from you, avoid people like you, wish you well, and walk away. You won't see me in your life again, if you are willing to sacrifice my health for your principles then you are not welcome in my environment.

So, while you are crying for your rights, do you understand you are not alone in wanting some rights. The vaccinated are now the victims because we are still getting sick because you and your cohorts are letting this virus mutate into something our vaccinated bodies will not be able to endure. You must be so proud of the damage you are causing to innocent people that have the same rights as you.

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