The Shut Down
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The Shut Down

It's becoming more hectic than people think.

The Shut Down

The coronavirus has started spreading pretty fast and many news outlets have started to make people panic.

People are raiding large supermarkets taking everything they can, especially toilet paper. This goes for people who live in their own homes, but what about the students who dorm at college and universities?

Many schools have slowly started to shift into closing their schools and making their students and instructors do online classes. Schools such as Princeton, Stevens, and New York University have closed due to the virus. While many students are excited that they can go home and do remote work, some are becoming stressed because they have to move their items out from their dorms.

Rutgers University recently announced that classes will resume online after their Spring break up until Friday, April third. They also announced that Thursday, March 12 classes will cancel and that every student who live in the dorms is to leave the dorm by noon. Those who requested to stay in the dorms are an exception. The announcement was made on Tuesday, March 10, which was very short notice for many Rutgers University students.

It's understandable," said Courtney, a student at Rutgers-University Newark.

"I just wish they let us know sooner so we had more time to prepare."

Another student from Rutgers-University Newark, Layla Abdallah, commutes to school but had her own thoughts about the situation as she had friends who dorm.

"I believe this an injustice to the underprivileged and even those who are privileged who reside in the dorms," she said.

"To pay an immense amount of money into the education system just for it to fail students in a time of need reflects the mass incarceration of the mind in our inner cities."

Students who are leaving their dorms at Rutgers-University Newark are slowly packing their things to get ready for Spring break, but also to prepare for a few extra weeks at home, or potentially for the rest of the semester.

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