Everyone has their favorite scents and aromas that fill the atmosphere and their room that give an individual certain feelings, emotions, and benefits. These feelings range from being happy, ease, stress-relief, anxiety relief, and comfort. Throughout our hectic and busy days we, humans encounter a large amount of stress and barriers in which we need to find something that gives us tranquility and ease from our chaotic mind and thoughts that consume us at times.

Scents, such as essential oils and candles, provide not only relief, but has many benefits for the mind and body. I know when you first hear this, that scents, smells, and aromas do more than just smell good, but actually, do you justice sounds like an unfamiliar and strange idea to even think about. However, when it comes down to the day, small effects and methods make a ripple effect and go a long way to providing an individual with a happier and calmer mindset and life.

1. Lavender

I have never met a person who has disliked the smell of lavender, but then again, maybe I choose the right friends to be aquatinted too, HAHA. Lavender should be incorporated into your daily life due to the multiple benefits it provides an individual. One huge benefit that lavender provides a person is aiding in sleep- and who does not love sleep. Another benefit lavender helps with and which I love the most is decreasing stress and anxiety (WHICH IS LOVELY FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR). ***cough cough.

2. Vanilla

Vanilla flavoring in baking is literally amazing and I have never really thought about why the scent of vanilla is so appealing to someone and many other people I know. I dug down deep and found that Vanilla has a distinct property of making an individual feel calmer and elevating moods! Who would have guessed?

3. Lemon & Citrus

the smell of citrus gives an individual energy and actually can boost alertness. But my favorite is the smell of lemons. It gives off a clean feeling and can actually help benefit a person in multiple ways. One way includes giving an individual a boost of happiness and a sharper mind/productive feel.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint is known for acting as a stress reliever (which is also a huge plus if you are in school or handling any form of stress in your life). However, many people are unaware that the smell of peppermint can increase your memory, increase concentration and focus. As well as aid in pain relief. WOW.

5. Pine & Cedar

During the winter time, it amazes me why so many people can be stressed but that stress evaporates and becomes nonexistent when pine trees are around. It is the time that happiness, joy, and cheer fill the air as holidays fall near and that is actually due to that pines hold a special and unknown property of relieving stress and anxiety.

6. Cinnamon

I have always loved the smell of cinnamon and I never would have thought that just smelling the scent would help not only the body but also the mind. Researchers have found out that smelling cinnamon daily helps reduce the presence of headaches and increases an individual's concentration levels throughout a task.

7. Baking smells

This is a personal one that I added in here because you do not love the smell of baking. Smells of baked cookies filling a kitchen just has something about it that makes an individual feel comfort and at ease. This is a personal experience and feeling, but I am sure many people can agree with me.

8. Coffee

Again this is a personal one that I added on here, but if anyone knows me, they know that I am ADDICTED to coffee. Like it is bad. Personally, I correlate the smell of morning brewed coffee to productivity and concentration, and whenever I smell the scent of coffee I get into this mindset of completing tasks, accomplishing things, and in general a spark of motivation.

9. Roses

Have you heard the saying "stop and smell the roses?" This saying is actually beneficial to listen too due to what it does for the body and cognitive function. For one, when you smell the scent of roses, you are actually decreasing your heart rate and becoming relaxed. Interesting? I think yes!! Cognitively, the scent of roses can alleviate stress.

10. Fresh laundry

To end, this is a personal one that I am adding into my article because I absolutely love the smell of fresh laundry and again, I have not met a single person who dislikes the smell of clean laundry. Personally, fresh laundry makes me feel calm, relaxed, and just gives me an "at home feeling."