From The Crypt: Obscure Scary Movies For Fall
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From The Crypt: Obscure Scary Movies For Fall

Craving something new to get you in the mood for spook? Check out these oft-overlooked flicks!

From The Crypt: Obscure Scary Movies For Fall

Below are my top 5 films for all things creepy this Spooky Season!

1. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Before you ask, no, Michael Myers is not in this movie. This 1982 film from the director of the original IT miniseries was initially panned by audiences for its lack of a certain masked killer. However, in the years following, the film began to develop a cult following. This movie is an interesting mystery filled with cheesy acting, fun practical effects, and some of the most outlandish concepts associated with 80's horror!

2. Re-Animator

Herbert West has found the cure to death in this movie, and he'll do anything to perfect it! Based on the short story penned by H.P. Lovecraft (don't worry, the racism was removed), this vibrantly colored and filthy film has some of the most creative visuals, best acting, and iconic lines of any film you might find in this genre! Try giving this strange cult classic a watch this season and see what happens when the barrier to death is shattered!

3. The Funhouse

Ever wonder what would happen if you stayed overnight in a carnival funhouse? Director Tobe Hooper of Texas Chainsaw Massacre shows us that behind all the glitter and funnel cakes, a carnival can be a depraved, evil wasteland. With its interesting visuals and cast of disturbed carney-folk, this film has aspects rarely found outside the works of Rob Zombie. Check this one out for a truly unique and bizarre watch!

4. Hell House LLC

A significantly more modern addition to this list, Hell House LLC has quickly become one of my favorite entries in the found-footage genre, almost reaching to the heights of Paranormal Activity or Lake Mungo. Centered around a group of friends who rent out a supposedly haunted hotel for their annual haunted house attraction, this low-budget flick manages to capture a feeling of dread, and is packed with extremely tense scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat. Grab some apple cider and watch this to get lost in the Halloween spirit.

5. An American Werewolf in London

Rounding out this list with a classic, I feel that John Landis's 1981 lunar terror isn't nearly talked about enough in recent times. With surprisingly funny dialogue mixed with striking visuals and dark implications, this film is the perfect way to spend the evening with a group of friends (preferably with the shades drawn)!

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