Hey everyone, so this week I've been having a hard time sleeping at night. While trying to get myself to shut down after a long day, I've been scrolling through Pinterest until I drop my phone straight onto my face.

From scrolling through dairy free recipes, I started thinking about the limited options that we lactose intolerant people have in restaurants. Have you ever thought about that? Instead of us having to dodge every meal possible that might contain milk, why can't we have a few dairy-free meals to choose from?

There are times when I am craving pasta that's dairy-free or even pizza and I simply don't want to knock an hour or two out of my day JUST to craft a single meal. I was looking through all kinds of recipes for this and it involves a great deal of work if I say so myself.

What if I want to have an option of ordering these foods to-go from a restaurant of my choice? That would be sublime for me! I can imagine that I am not the only college student in the world who does not have time to make a dairy-free sauce JUST for that single meal. It is a craft, it involves lots of ingredients that poor college kids cannot afford, and it is time-consuming.

We busy college students have very little free time and to be honest, none of us would enjoy dedicating that free time to cooking a complicated meal.

I am always on the go and I would love to have more choices when it comes to eating out, especially from a restaurant. This could also help when I am out with friends. It is sometimes embarrassing being the only one getting a salad out of my group or having to make special requests. Can others relate to this? I know I cannot be the only one!

Honestly, this would take a lot of weight off of lactose intolerant college kid's shoulders in my opinion! You don't realize how relevant this topic is until you're the one sitting there rummaging through every menu of every restaurant you go to, searching for something that won't hurt your stomach!

When this thought came to me whilst trying to fall asleep, I couldn't help but want to write about it. I want to have an open discussion with other lactose intolerant individuals and see what they think about this.

There are so many people who either choose to avoid dairy or people like me who have to avoid it, therefore I don't see why reinforcing more lactose-free meals would be an issue.

If you can relate or know anyone who is lactose intolerant, feel free to share this article with them and/or have them message me about it. I want to hear as many voices as possible to ensure that I am not alone on this thought. This is such an interesting idea to me and to actually see it come to life would be a dream come true.

It could sound so annoying to people who can tolerate dairy but trust me- this would be groundbreaking for lactose intolerant/dairy free eaters to see this movement take place. If you have any questions about living the dairy-free life, please message me on Facebook!