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Do You Say Hello To Your Barista Before You Demand Your Order?

Your server is a person too.


As you go throughout your day, you (unless you live alone in the woods) come in contact with other people who like you, are also going through their own day. Sometimes it happens by choice - other times by consequence.

You run into other people in different contexts. Sometimes you come across another person as they serve you your lunch; sometimes you drive through traffic surrounded by people; sometimes you make plans to meet your friend for a walk in the park.

Encountering other human beings living their lives is a part of our lives.

Something I really cannot stand is how for some people, the context that you meet someone in defines how you will treat them.

For example, giving your server attitude because you have the expectation for them to treat you perfectly. I mean, they're you' server. Their purpose is to make sure you're happy.

Countless times, I have been embarrassed by friends who mistreated servers. I don't think I need to go too far into detail about what it looks like to mistreat a server.

It doesn't make sense to me why you would not make eye contact with the person taking your order at a restaurant. Look up from your phone, say hello, and then tell them your order.

It seems people often forget that servers only wear their aprons for a couple hours a day.

Your server is also someone's daughter, friend, and confidant. Your server could be facing a number of issues at home. Or, on the other hand, your server may be having the best day of their life.

The point, in any case, is: your server is human. Why not respect them like one?

Without any further due then, here is a truth about societal living: you will encounter other human beings. Sometimes you will be doing something for them, other times they will be doing something for you. But why not treat each other likes human beings, always?

Why not treat each person, as a person. Not a server, janitor, teacher, or doctor. Treat each person as a person.

Why not keep in mind that a person's low energy could be the result of a number of things. Sometimes the people in our life get sick, we deal with relationship issues, people die. There is a never-ending list of things that could go wrong in someone's day.

So, why not care about the fact that people have problems - you never know when you may need that kind of care granted to you. Instead of giving someone a hard time for not having the brightest attitude, think about a time you couldn't fake a smile, and treat that person with grace. Maybe next time you're feeling down in the dumps someone will extend you a similar effort.

It genuinely hurts me when I see the way people chose to treat other people.

One day, I sat down and thought about all the things and people who make me happy. It hit me that, one of the most beautiful moments I had every day was the conversation I would exchange with the janitor at my apartment complex. Every morning, as I'd set out for my walk to class, she would smile super big at me - and I'd go on to talk to her about her day.

It also hit me that no one made me laugh harder than the coordinator of the reading room, I spent most of my time studying in. He played such a small role in my life; I mean, frankly, he merely managed a space that I studied in. I could have gotten by without saying ever saying hi to him. But I would always say hello.

Over time I got to know him, and his jokes, laugh and smile even began to make my days.

I'm not asking you to be made happy by the things that urge me to smile; I'm asking you to think a little harder about all the people, you may or may not push to the side, that is apart of your day-to-day life.

I am asking you to be conscious about the people you encounter throughout your day. Be more concerned about the fact that, they too are a person.

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