5 Ways To Make Saying Goodbye To Your Childhood Dog A Little Easier

5 Ways To Make Saying Goodbye To Your Childhood Dog A Little Easier

Saying goodbye is extremely hard. How do you cope with it?


Many of you have had to say goodbye to the dog you've had since you were a child. Now, it's my turn to say goodbye. I got my dog Puddles on my 9th birthday. She was the cutest little ball of wrinkly skin I had ever seen. She rightfully earned her name because she was a brat to potty train and left the biggest pee puddles. She was full of energy and was truly the sweetest dog I ever knew. As she grew out of her puppy stage she developed a cute underbite that everyone loved and conversed about.

Her favorite activities were going on walks and swimming in the pool. She always got on the couch when we weren't looking even though she knew she wasn't supposed to. She hated thunderstorms and fireworks and would jump in your lap for protection whether you wanted her to or not. She will always be my best friend, my protector, and now, my angel. It's never easy saying goodbye, but these are some things I've found that helped make it a little bit easier.

1. Look at old pictures of them.

Dig through your old photos and find some pictures of your pup when they were younger. It's crazy to see how much they have changed and what they used to look like. Each picture will bring back so many great memories you made with them and will hopefully put a smile on your face or at least distract you for a short time.

2. Memorialize them.

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. Make a plant pot out of their old water bowl and put their collar around it. This is a great way to memorialize them and whenever you see it, you will remember all the good memories you guys had.

3. Try not to think of what their last moments were like.

Thinking about how feeble and old they looked in their last moments will only make you sad. Try not to think about the bad memories. Instead, fill your head with funny things they used to do that would make you laugh.

4. Write about them.

Writing about their journey in this world really helped me out a lot. It allows you to start from the day you got your companion and how you felt when you first picked them up and played with them. Write about all the things they loved to do, some of their goofy traits, and anything else you can think of that they did. It's hard while you're writing about them and you might cry like I am now, but it is good to grieve and let it out now makes it better down the road.

5. If you have another pet, love them unconditionally.

If you still have another dog, cat, reptile, etc. besides the one that passed away, show them so much love and affection. Whenever you are feeling sad about your old pal, give your current one a hug and play with them. They are probably just as sad as you are that their buddy is gone, too. So, spoil them with love and lots of treats!

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