If It Didn't Save Jack Pearson...

You know what's a great invention but super annoying at the same time?

Fire alarms.

Now, don't fight me on this. I know the actual benefit of them. Preventing fires and all that jazz.

But, when it's not preventing fires and it's just there making that mindless noise that makes everyone want to rip it to shreds? It's nothing but a nuisance.

Making a piece of toast and the fire alarm going off?

Forgetting to take the lid off the pasta and the steam setting it off?

Accidentally forgetting the chocolate chip cookies that you left and seeing orange flames seep up from the oven?

Okay maybe that last one is justified.

But, the reasons for the smoke alarm going off usually aren't. And, let's be honest, how many times is it actually working for the better? I mean, we all see how well it did in saving Jack Pearson when that wretched Crockpot basically took his life.

If it can't save a man as amazing as him, then what can really expect from it honestly?

But let's all think of the alternative as well. Let's just say that the alarm does go off, not because there's an actual emergency, but because it's like me and doesn't know what it wants to do in life so it just sits there shrieking and hoping it'll draw up enough attention to itself that someone will pay attention to it.

Where was the point to this?

Oh yeah, let's just say that all of that happens and a nice little fireman come out of the woodwork just to come put your little pasta fire out. Have you ever seen an unattractive fireman? Well I have not, and I'd like to think that after the cure fireman gets over the sheer annoyance of being at my house to put out the small little burnt toast fire, then our little love story can begin.

I guess that's worth it eventually...just stop the incessant beeping!

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