San Marcos is Actually New York City
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San Marcos is Actually New York City

Why has nobody ever realized this before?

San Marcos is Actually New York City

New York City has this amazing personality. An undercurrent of music that sets the mood for daily living. From the grime of the subway to the sheer glory of a show on Broadway, New York offers a spectrum of things to appreciate for all tastes. One city with a similar spectrum could arguably be San Marcos, Texas. From the grime on the floor of Mayloo's to the sheer glory of families relaxing alongside a crystalline river, San Marcos is diversified and cozy. What are some other comparisons between the two, you ask?

1. Both have a square.

The reputation of both squares proceeds actually visiting either site for both locations. I mean, come on.

2. Rooftop Bars.

Now, there is a height difference between the two, but we could 'stretch' this point.

3. Ubers Everywhere.

What better way to stay a fast-paced woman than to ride in an Uber.

4. Crazy Drivers.

The difference is, in one city you are the one driving, and in the other, you are at the mercy of all of the drivers.

5. Coffee Shops.

While all of the coffee shops in San Marcos could probably fit within three blocks of New York City, the diversity is appreciated.

6. Trains.

Both sets annoying. One set resides above ground, and another below.

7. Excellent Hiking.

The hiking in New York, while less traditionally foliaged, is still to be expected if you want to get ANYWHERE.

8. Theatre.

The theatre department in both cities is award-winning. Yay Texas State!

9. Snow.

For one spectacular day in 2017, snow actually fell in San Marcos. So I can officially add this to the list.

10. Great Locations.

In San Marcos, you have got a home town feel with a means to travel to other cities in Texas quite easily. New York City is located in a centralized location as well. People either pass through or stay forever. Which will you choose?

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