The Best And Worst Of Rutgers University's Dining Halls
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The Rutgers Dining Halls, Ranked Best To Worse, From A-OK To Absolutely Not

On College Ave, Brower is the dining hall where you'll either leave full and satisfied or you'll quickly be visiting the bathroom.

Student getting food at the dining hall

Every dining hall has something unique to it, whether it's the crowd it brings in at dinner time, the smoothie bar, or the grill where you can order what you want how you want. However, not all dining halls are alike and you're likely to find one you prefer over the other, maybe even one that'll make you plan your meals. Why eat on Busch when your next class is on Livi? Not all dining halls are alike, so consider this ranking before trying to find your favorite.

1. Livingston Dining Commons

Located on Livi campus, this is the place where people take trips specifically for the dining hall. There are frankly not enough chairs for everyone and you'll probably have to share a table with a total stranger, But, at least you know the food will be decent. What makes Livi dining hall unique in its own way is The Grill, which serves hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and more when you feel like something outside the scheduled meals. Plus, Livi takeout is always a great option. Livi does have a bit of a homey feel to it, if you can get next to the fireplace you may want to stay there for a little while and do homework. If not the fireplace, try next to one of the huge windows and catch the sun setting as you eat dinner.

2. Neilson Dining Hall

The dining hall on the farm, Cook/Douglas's Dining hall is a mix between the meals for change and the classic college dining hall food. Their omelet station is killing the game, everything is set up conveniently, and there's plenty of room for big groups to eat and talk together, or small tables for yourself. Neilson is another dining hall with a homey feel to it, with some semi-ugly huge curtains and a few TV's scattered around the main part.

If you don't feel like sitting down, their takeout isn't too bad either.

3. Brower Commons

Brower Commons will either make you or break you. On College Ave, Brower is the dining hall where you'll either leave full and satisfied or you'll quickly be visiting the bathroom. However, they do have a huge selection of cereal and a dozen ice cream flavors that make Brower worth it. On top of their "famous" pizza, their stir-fry bar will be your go-to for dinner at least three times a week.

Brower is also known for their bite nights, taking the game with the greasiest yet most satisfying bite foods that you can take with you.

4. Busch Dining Hall

It's last-place on the list for a good reason. Busch is nothing but meals for change and sadness. Just as Busch is a barren wasteland, so is the dining hall. Even those who like healthy food will want to avoid this place because it's simply not good. The dining hall can get pretty empty sometimes so there's always an empty seat, there is a nice fireplace to sit by but that's the best thing about this place, and the takeout is equally terrible. Best to avoid and take a trip to Livi instead.

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