Main Rules of Traveling with Vaping Devices
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Main Rules of Traveling with Vaping Devices

Using an electronic cigarette may change at any time, so double check the local laws of the country you are going to.

Main Rules of Traveling with Vaping Devices

Are you going on a trip soon? Do you take an electronic cigarette with you? (Of course, you do.) In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about the rules for the security of a vape in trips.

Why do we consider to tell this?

Imagine the situation: you flew to Singapore, having amazing strolls through the streets and enjoying sights. Going to vape a little, put your hand in your pocket and pull out your dab pen from Vapingdaily, inhale, enjoying the taste, and exhale a beautiful cloud of steam. But then a heavy hand falls on your shoulder, you turn around, and you see an angry policeman. And then you will find out that your holiday is spoiled for $ 200 fine. The rules for using an electronic cigarette in the world are very different, and therefore it is essential to know the law before you are going to visit this or that country. Otherwise, there may be cases of confiscation of an electronic cigarette, fines, or even prison term (which is unlikely). So, here are compiled this convenient and extensive review so that you do not get into an uncomfortable situation.

Please note that the rules for using an electronic cigarette may change at any time, so double check the local laws of the country you are going to.

Is it possible to take an Electronic Cigarette on a Plane?

Most airlines allow you to take on-board electronic cigarettes in hand luggage, but this point is better to clarify before flying. EasyJet, for example, will enable you to carry an electronic cigarette, but not more than two spare batteries in the kit. If you take liquids with you - it is usually not a problem, if the volume does not exceed 100 ml. You must check in large amounts in luggage.

It is also worth noting that many vapers have encountered leaks from atomizers/tanks during the flight. Because of the pressure drops, the liquid soiled clothes and personal things - consider this, and do not fill too much in the tanks.

Can I Put a Wax Vape or any other device Pen in my Luggage?

The transportation of batteries in baggage is now banned all over the world, so all batteries should now be placed in hand luggage. More details - check with the air carrier!

Can I charge an E-Cigarette in an airplane?

No, you can not charge electronic cigarettes and similar devices on board.

Can I use a Wax Pen or any other device in the Cabin of an Airplane?

Forget it! Using an electronic cigarette is strictly prohibited! Some airlines in the world offer their passengers smokeless cigarettes, but according to reviews - they are terrible. On QatarAirways there were cases that passengers were arrested after vaping aboard and even put in jail.

British Airways recently banned the smuggling of electronic cigarettes for flights to Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, due to local legislation.

Is it allowed to Vape in Airport Buildings?

Here the circumstances are much more straightforward. For example, in Heathrow, there is even a room for wicking, and in many airports, you can only hover in places for smoking. In the US, there is no ban on electronic cigarettes at airports, but it is still better to check with competent authorities before it.

Can I easily carry an Electronic Cigarette through the search?

Except for Dubai, the device is unlikely to be a problem when passing through the airport security service. In any country where electronic cigarettes are well known and used, there are no questions. Just make sure that the battery is fully charged, and the device can be turned on, as it may be required.

Is the transit of vaping devices allowed in countries where is it prohibited?

In general, based on both personal experience and feedback from readers, this is not a problem. However, if you have any doubts, please contact the airline.

And before the flight or travel, make sure that you have a good supply of liquid. In some countries, liquids may not be on sale, and in some, the quality may not correspond to personal preferences.

What if I travel across the USA?

Although generally in the country, vaping is not prohibited, the laws of some states and sometimes even cities regulate these laws in their way. Also, do not be surprised with limits of the use of electronic cigarettes in all federal parks. You should also read the laws about the States where marijuana is prohibited, even medical if you don't want your wax vaporizer to be confiscated.

Where it is prohibited to use vaping devices?

Alabama - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Alaska - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Arizona - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Arkansas - school District Property, State-Supported Higher Education Campuses, Child Care Facilities, Healthcare Facilities and State Fairs

California - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

Colorado - School District Property

Connecticut - restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

Delaware - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

District of Columbia - restaurants, Bars and Specified Public Places

Florida - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Georgia - University System of Georgia Campuses

Hawaii - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars

Idaho - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Illinois - State-Supported Higher Education Campuses

Indiana - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Iowa - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Kansas - Department of Corrections Property

Kentucky - State Executive Branch Properties (excluding specific outdoor areas, colleges and universities)

Louisiana - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Maine - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars

Maryland - MARC Commuter Rail System Trains

Massachusetts - State-Supported Higher Education Campuses

Michigan - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Minnesota - State and Local Government Property

Mississippi - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Missouri - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Montana - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Nebraska - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Nevada - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

New Hampshire - public Educational Facilities

New Jersey - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars

New Mexico - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

New York - anywhere where smoking is prohibited

North Carolina - restaurants and Bars

North Dakota - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

Ohio - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Oklahoma - Department of Corrections Property

Oregon Non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

Pennsylvania - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Rhode Island - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

South Carolina - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

South Dakota - Department of Corrections Property

Tennessee - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Texas - specified Public Places

Utah - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars

Vermont - non-Hospitality Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars and Gambling Facilities

Virginia - Virginia Railway Express Trains

Washington - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

West Virginia - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

Wisconsin - State Fairs

Wyoming - no Statewide Vaping Regulations

So, be careful with legislation of the country you want to visit! Check everything before you go on a trip.

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