My Roommate Story
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My Roommate Story

How Facebook brought me my best friend.

My Roommate Story
Mary Beth Flores

A year ago this month, catch me at any time frantically searching the Facebook roommate page for a roomie to live with the following year. I don't know the amount of girls I "stalked," hoping to find common music tastes, interest, or majors. All of my high school friends kept talking about how they found "the perfect roommate," and I started to worry about not being able to find one.

I remember laying in my bed and receiving a text message from my wonderful twin sister (even though she was just in the other room). I opened her message of screenshots of a beautiful, random girl who had really curly blonde hair. I instantly Facebook messaged her and peppered her with random questions; I felt like I was on an awkward first date! Long story short, that random girl with curly blonde hair is now my best friend and "the perfect roommate."

We first hung out at the Ann Arbor Art Fair (I feel like I'm telling a story of how I met my husband) and had such a fun time. There was no doubt in my mind that we would become not just roommates but best friends. Natalie has seen the best and worst of me, the non-stop laughing side, and the uncontrollably crying side. For that I am truly grateful to have someone who accepts all of me at any time.

I know I am not an easy person to live with, but somehow Natalie puts up with my random singing, art projects, and clothes all over our room. It is crazy to think that a year ago I had never met Natalie, and soon we will be traveling across the country together. I would not be nearly as happy this year without Natalie and all of my new friends. From our late night talks about life on other planets to frantically borrowing each others clothes, my roomie and I have been through it all, and I would not have it any other way.

I am thankful everyday for my amazing roommate (I love you Natalie!), as well as the other wonderful friends I have met at Michigan State. If you're an incoming freshman for next year, I strongly encourage you to join the roommate search on Facebook. You could just meet your next best friend!

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