She stands tall and holds her head high. She is the light that shines in our lives. She is beautiful and gracious, kind and patient. She knows what she wants and stands her ground, something most people can't say they have the ability to do. She's motherly as she holds us accountable and comforts us when we fall. She is the rock that holds us steady when we feel weak.

But sometimes her light dims. We all scramble in an effort to make her glow again, but there are just some things that have to run their course. It's incredibly painful to watch someone so strong feel so low while we just have to be bystanders. It's heartbreaking when she has to lock herself away with no lights or sounds. It's sad when she can't find medication to make her feel better, when all of the ones she's tried, make her sicker. Her headaches don't make her weak, she never stays down. You can barely tell that she stumbles.

And until she feels like herself, we will be her light and her rock. She needs to rest, for now, she needs to be safe and at peace. She doesn't need anything to add stress, she just needs time. She needs the same love and support she effortlessly gives. But she needs to be okay and until then we will be kind and patient in every way. She needs to be okay not only for herself but for everyone that cares for her, we can't stand to see her live in pain. When she's ready, we will be there to talk to her and comfort her. We will be here for anything she needs because we need our light to shine again.