Ever notice how in movies, the girl who all the guys fall for is not the bubbly, self-confident best friend but the girl who is quiet, keeps to herself, and can barely be dragged out to a party?

Ever notice how in the media, it's the introverts who write the poetry, wear artsy rings and tights, and have a story about them...one they're not willing to share?

Ever notice how extroverts are made out to seem like obnoxious, party-people who have no actual substance?

I myself am an introvert in that I re-energize on my own. But I have an extrovert side that everyone else sees in which being around people doesn't make me uncomfortable. I love meeting new people and I have both outgoing and shy friends. BOTH types of people have depth and stories to share.

I notice all the over media and Hollywood movies that heroines who are introverts and learn to come out of their shell are becoming too romanticized to the point that extroverts are made to seem dumb and like characters who aren't interesting enough to develop any further.

People, then, who are bubbly and out-going in real life are deemed to be so out there and so open, they must not have anything more than that tip of the ice burg.

But the introverts who are romanticized into book-loving and artsy people— as great as they are and they deserve positive recognition— so do the extroverts.

Extroverts often have a story they won't share at the forefront. They also could forego a night out to stay in and chill with a good book. Being an extrovert is so much more than being outgoing. It's about loving the art of being around people and seeing how they can impact their lives and they a mark on theirs.

Let's never generalize, stereotype, or even romanticize personalities because there is so much more to them than a movie portrayal or plot line. These are real people.