How Romantic Opposites Attract
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How Romantic Opposites Attract

Ever think that your complete opposite could be the best match for you?

How Romantic Opposites Attract

We all remember the basic science concept of "opposites attract" from grade school. Although true in science, how accurate is the saying when it comes to the people we meet and form relationships with? I'm here to tell you that I couldn't live without my perfect opposite.

1. The realist versus the dreamer.

Being the person that I am, reality and logic have always come first when approaching anything— from criticizing unrealistic events on TV shows to silently judging my friends' get-rich-quick, grandiose plans for their futures. I'm not some pessimist that likes to go around ruining people's hopes and dreams. As a matter of fact, I, too, have big plans, but they don't come into effect over night. Realistic expectations and hard work accompany success, in my opinion.

And, then, I fell in love with a dreamer and everything changed. My significant other showed me that being a realist and only using logic all of the time is quite boring. With her spur of the moment road trips and extravagant plans for the future, came a new sense of wonder and euphoria. Life isn't always calculated and exact, so our entire lives should not be either.

2. The introvert versus the extrovert.

I have always leaned towards being an extrovert— as both my constant attendance of social gatherings and outgoing attitude can attest. When dating another extrovert, at least in my case, it almost seems like both of our inner introverts come out and combine to make an equal balance of the two.

Don't get me wrong. Music festivals and parties are still frequented, but staying in to watch Netflix and ordering take out also became much more common. Our extroverted sides tend to wear us out and, suddenly, going to the bar every Thursday through Saturday sounds less and less appealing.

3. The Capricorn versus the Leo.

If you couldn't tell from the first paragraph, my zodiac sign is Capricorn. The traits that inherently come with my sign are as follows: ambitious, conservative, determined and practical. I can't forget the less appealing qualities, though: unemotional, suspicious and, without a doubt, stubborn.

On the other hand, the zodiac sign, Leo, is passionate, generous, creative and possesses a certain warmth. The less appealing traits of Leo are as follows: arrogant, stubborn and vain.

The sublime thing about being opposite in our ways is that it allows us to contribute our strengths to each other's weak points. When I'm unemotional, she fills me with passion and warmth. When she's vain, I help her to be conservative and practical. The only downfall is the prominent stubbornness that we both possess. Being opposite zodiac signs is much like being yin and yang— total opposites that balance each other out.

4. High-strung versus chill.

My motto has always been to go with the flow and just chill out. Let things happen as they are supposed to and don't stress over things that you cannot control. If you try your hardest and don't succeed, re-evaluate your strategy and try again. There was a point during my freshman year where Snoop Dogg and I were synonymous in several ways— one of which was being the chillest that I had ever been, but not without consequence. My lack of motivation and chillness seemed to be linked and both my grades and extracurriculars suffered from it. It was almost like I needed a jump start. Sure enough, that jump-start was more like a defibrillator shock when I started to date my girlfriend.

She got me out of my slump and motivated me like no one else could have. She realized my capabilities and intelligence and didn't let them waste away, while I played Xbox One. Her academic capabilities were like none that I had ever seen, no exaggeration. With the constant recognition and awards she received, along with all of her Scholars' College classes, it made me want to do better. My ambition, along with her motivation and belief in me, can be credited for the 4.0 GPA that I now hold.

With passion and overachievement also come a strenuous work load and a whole lot of stress. When it's too much for her to handle, I return the favor by calming her down and chilling her out. Being opposite in our personalities helps both of us even out and become better individuals.

5. Homebody versus adventurer.

I won't front with you. I consider myself a homebody, but only to a certain extent. I like a place to call home— a safe place to sleep and watch Netflix, a comfortable bed, a bathroom where I know how to work the shower and all of the things for my morning routine are present, and somewhere to just relax.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, likes to take 24-hour road trips, where we sleep in the car and shower at random motels that we stop by. She's also known as a full-blown adventurer. Don't get me wrong, I like one or two weeklong vacations to far-off places or random weekend getaways. In my opinion, one of the best feelings after a vacation is returning somewhere that feels like home.

However, my girlfriend has spent two months alone in London, England, and absolutely loved it, whereas I could have returned after two weeks and been completely content. She plans all of these trips for the both of us and I love it. The thrill of experiencing new things, landscapes, and cultures is a thrill matched by none. She takes me out of my comfort zone and, while I am uncomfortable at first, I end up loving the experiences.

The problem occurs when she feels stuck in a place for too long, especially our small Southern college town that has little to no excitement or thrill. When she stresses, we go on road trips and explore. I help her to appreciate the little things and enjoy the quaint town we're stuck in until we fulfill our mission of higher education. With our different preferences, we receive enjoyment from unexpected places.

Whether you believe in science or not, my relationship is enough proof that opposites attract. Yes, the traits of someone completely different from you might get aggravating at certain times. However, the bond formed with the person that embodies those qualities that you have the most trouble finding in yourself is irreplaceable.

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