10 Beautiful Spots In Romania Every Travel Lover Should Know
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10 Breathtaking Places In Romania That Will Have Every Travel Lover Adding It To Their Bucket List

If you do decide to ever visit, these locations are a must see.

10 Breathtaking Places In Romania That Will Have Every Travel Lover Adding It To Their Bucket List

Romania is a country often forgotten for its Latin roots due to being in Eastern Europe and surrounded by countries with Slavic influence. Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal are generally the more well known Latin countries.

Despite its economic successes, Romania is a country riddled with political corruption because of politicians passing laws for their own monetary gain and not for the good of the people. Tourism is one of the few industries helping the country towards prosperity.

The breathtaking scenery, kind people, and abundance of activities guarantee an enjoyable experience for all.

Below, I've compiled a list of 10 captivating locations to discover if you ever visit Romania.

Transfăgărășan/Bâlea Lake


Transfăgărășan refers to the winding road that takes you to the Bâlea Lake. This tranquil lake is surrounded by mountains and isolated from any busy civilization.

Despite its small square footage, there is a lot to explore.

You can admire the view, take pictures of the scenery, explore the tunnel that leads out of the mountain, or sit in silent admiration of nature.

Palace of Parliament


The Palace of Parliament is documented to be the heaviest building in the world. Construction was ordered by the dictator Ceaușescu, and in 1997 (13 years later) the Palace was completed.

This Palace is a symbol of the 20-year reign of communism in the country.

It is empty of furniture inside, but the vastness of the rooms and intricate detail of the architecture make it a very interesting experience.

Salina Turda


The Salina Turda is a man made salt mine located under the city of Turda. Underground mining of this area started when it was discovered that a salty body of water from millions of years ago had dried up and left large deposits of salt.

It is a symbol of prosperity and health to Romanians, and has many mysterious legends associated with it.

Here, you can partake in many activities like playing minigolf, riding the ferris wheel, or exploring the area.

Bran Castle

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Built almost 650 years ago, this medieval castle was the inspiration behind Bran Stoker's famous story: Dracula. Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration behind the Dracula legend, actually had nothing to do with the castle.

Nonetheless, the mystery behind his name attracts countless visitors to the castle each year.

The architecture and preserved artifacts serve as a fascinating reminder of the castle's history.

Lake Saint Ann


This unique lake has made its permanent residence in the crater of a volcano.

If you seek adventure on a body of water and are looking for a quiet getaway, this will amaze you.

Although swimming is not permitted, there are many other activities available, for example, various water sports.

Peleș Castle


In 1873, King Carol I ordered the construction of Peleș Castle, and by 1883, it had been completed. Even though he had agreed to be King of Romania, he had still longed for his home country Germany.

This castle was built for the King's appeasement and served as King Carol I's summer home.

The exquisite, detailed architecture of both the interior and exterior combined with the quiet mountainside have the ability to transport you back in the time.

Carol Park


Carol Park is a large and appealing natural space in the bustling city of Bucharest.

This park is a wonderful place to get away from the city and spend time in the tranquility of nature.

You could ride your bike, climb a tree, or have a picnic- the possibilities are endless.

Corvin’s Castle. 


Built in the mid 15th century, Corvin's Castle was built in order to deflect attacks from the Ottoman Empire. Although it was abandoned shortly after, in the 17th century, the castle was revamped into the gothic, renaissance style castle it is today.

In the castle are preserved artifacts such as armor used by the knights and furniture.

Cheile Turzii

Source: Wikipedia. Wikimedia

Cheile Turzii is a beautiful natural reserve in the center of Romania. You have the option of driving through the valley and enjoying the view from below or the option of hiking around the cliff tops (which promises a more stunning view).

Either way, visiting Cheile Turzii gives visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy the serene Romanian landscape.

National Museum of Art of Romania


The National Museum of Art of Romania contains a diverse amount of Romania's historical artwork.

The museum has an extensive array of Romanian paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and embroideries from as early as the 1300s.

If you are an art connoisseur, the National Museum of Art of Romania contains captivating exhibitions that are guaranteed to meet your standards.

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