Rob Gronkowski, what a guy, what a player. It has been some of the best last nine seasons for the Patriots and those good times could not have been done without the one and only greatest tight end football player to ever play in the NFL. Whether you hate the Patriots, like most of America, or are a die-hard fan, like me, there is no denying his capability in the game of football. But, after nine beautiful glory years, the man has finally called it quits and Patriots fans around the country are morning. Here is how the Patriots fans are feeling about this depressing change.

First of all, Patriots nation needs time to grieve.

When the news first came out, we were upset, angry, screaming to ourselves "WHY," but as time has passed we have been able to properly come to terms with the fact that we will no longer see a Gronk spike ever again. We can finally come to terms with the fact that we must see a season without seeing one of Gronkowski's legendary catches.

Gronkowski is a guaranteed and entrance to the football hall of fame but it does not mean we were done seeing the legend at work. Even though all of the seasons where he was out for multiple games on end due to his many injuries, he was always there in the crowds. We will miss seeing his goofy face during an almost impossible touchdown catch. We patriots nation will continue to grieve for years to come.

Although we understand his physical body can not handle the physical pressures playing football puts on your body but that still does not mean we don't wish for him to just play one more season. We will respect the decision but we will be upset. The Patriots may never replace you but we must accept a new player with open arms.

Gronkowski is still one of the best football players of all time and we will also cherish your legendary moments on and off the field. Patriots nation, we will heel and move on because we are fans of the greatest football team of all time.