37 Things Midwesterners Think While Driving Through The South

37 Things Midwesterners Think While Driving Through The South

Some thoughts from a mid-westerner traveling through the South.

As a Midwesterner, I pride myself on Casey's Pizza, Golf, and the occasional game of bean bag toss. I have a passion for traveling and was eager to cross of some states I hadn't been. Starting my journey in Orlando, Florida, I was convinced the South was a bunch of hooplas and wasn't that different from the Midwest. However, I was in for a surprise as we took to the road in a cramped Toyota Rav4 across the gulf shores, through New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis. This 25-hour car ride was steadily broken up with sight seeing, food eating, and hotel sleeping. Throughout my time in the Heart of Dixie, I learned some, experienced a lot, and ate enough food for more than one soul. Here are some of the thoughts I had, much like any other Midwesterner would. Here are 37 thoughts that came to mind on this five day trek.

1. Damn it's hot here!

2. You mean to tell me there are different type of southern accents

3. Is it Crawfish or Crayfish?


5. Mississippi is more boring to drive through than Iowa...

6. If you see a Florida license plate there is a 99% chance they'll cut you off

7. "What's Whataburger?"

8. Again, why is it SO hot?

9. No, I don't want a Coke! I just wanted a pop!

10. Which city actually is the City of Blues?

11. Bourbon St. in New Orleans and puts Las Vegas to shame

12. The Civil War ended over 150 years ago people!

13. Which city has the best barbecue again?

14. Why does everyone keep asking me if I am Canadian?

15. Yes, Iowa is a state. No, I don't grow corn or tend to cows

16. I'm not "fixin" anything

17. Why did he call me a Yankee? I'm a Cubs fan...

18. I thought they passed a law against Confederate flags...

19. What is a Dixie?

20. Beignets? Beign (holy fried dough god) ets!

21. Who lied and told me sweet tea at Runza is just like southern sweet tea?!

22. So many ghost stories...


24. Hey, Y'all!

25. Do you think they noticed my accent?

26. They most definitely noticed and are judging me

27. Tom Thumb=Kwik Shop

28. I still have yet to see an Alligator

29. Dang, this IS God's country

30. Is St. Louis really the south?

31. Missouri is just jealous they aren't in Dixie

32. How do you actually pronounce Zaxby's?


34. When it rains, it RAINS.

35. Contemplating if she's actually blessing my heart or really pissed off

36. Someone explain what Cajun actually is...please, please, please.

38. They don't joke... This really is food for the soul


It has been quite the journey, and as much as I love the midwest, I would like to take home the food and soul of the south home with me.

Cover Image Credit: Photo News 247

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To The Girl Who Hasn't Been Herself Lately

Your spark return, and you will shine like you were meant to.

Life gets tough. Life gets too much to handle sometimes, and those times make you stronger. However, right now, it seems like you have lost yourself.

It’s difficult when you catch yourself not being you. When you do something or act a certain way and just wonder, “what did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening? When will it get better?” The way you’re feeling is not so much that you’re unhappy, you just feel weird.

Your day will come. I promise you. This is just a phase.

The day you realize how much you have grown from this point in time will be your reward. It is so hard to see now, and I feel your pain.

Your light will return to you. Your pure bliss moments, they are seeking you. Your laughter where your tummy aches is in your reach.

Our moods change far too often for us as humans to understand why, but the encounters you make every day have this effect on us.

You must remember the pure happiness you experienced before your first heartbreak, before the first friend became someone you thought they weren’t, before you lost your innocence. That was a time of true joy as you had not a care in the world for the things that would harm you. Better yet, you didn’t have the option to experience them because you were just a child.

The world can be an ugly place, and your attitude towards life can change every day. One thing is for certain: you did not lose who you are internally. We all put on a face for the world. For the people who we try to impress. For the life we want to live. For the things we want to achieve.

Your definitive personality is still in the works. Believe it or not, it always will be. Times like this change us for the better even though we can’t see it.

Your happiness will return. You will be a better, stronger version of you. In fact, you will be the best version of you yet.

Once this phase is over, you will be okay. This I promise you.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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11 Necessities Every Girl Needs To Have In Her Car

These are the necessities.


Most people spend a lot of time in their car getting from destination to destination. As well as doing a lot of things in one day. There are always things happening on a given day. So why not be prepared for any type of situation in order to not be caught in an uncomfortable situation.

1. Deodorant/perfume

I cannot stress this enough, in Florida especially, it gets so hot and sweating is a thing. Just to be able to reapply throughout the day is always a good thing. And to freshen up you can just give a quick spritz!

2. Pads/tampons

I mean this is pretty self-explanatory!

3. A bathing suit

It's Florida, there may be an impromptu beach day with friends that you didn't plan for. Or a pool day or a boat day. Better to be safe than sorry. Even in any other state you just never know, a lake day or going tubing in the river or going to the pool. It's always good to have one.

4. Pen/pencil

Being in college, sometimes you don't have one, it happens. But if you have one in your car then you're good to go if you commute to campus.

5. Pair of shoes.

If they break or get wet or any other worst-case scenario, then having a back-up is always good. you will be so thankful to have a pair in your trunk if you are nowhere near home or a store.

6. Phone charger

People are always using their phone, to text or listen to music and we all know that moment when our phone battery is at 10% and we don't have a charger. It's the most depressing thing.

7. A brush

You never know when you will need it, and if you are at the beach or the pool your hair will most likely get tangled and look crazy so being able to brush it out is actually a really great feeling.

8. Reusable water bottle

If you have a long day of classes or just a long day in general, you can go to a water fountain and fill up your bottle instead of spending 2-4 dollars on a bottle of water.

9. Earring backs.

Earring backs always fall out, I can't name the number of times that I have lost an earring because of it or had to take it out because the backing fell off. Having a little container or bag of them in your car could save your life, or putting them in your purse if you aren't going to be around your car.

10. Cash

It's always good to have a 20 or something in your glove box, because let's say you forget your wallet somewhere or lose it, at least you will have a little cash to be able to put gas, get food or any other thing you would need.

11. A sweater

Going to a restaurant, in class, at the doctor's, or at work, it's probably gonna be cold, and it's miserable when you are cold and probably won't get any warmer.

These are things that I have found to be useful to have in my car, these are suggestions for you too, change or alter as needed to fit your life better.

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