37 Things Midwesterners Think While Driving Through The South

37 Things Midwesterners Think While Driving Through The South

Some thoughts from a mid-westerner traveling through the South.

As a Midwesterner, I pride myself on Casey's Pizza, Golf, and the occasional game of bean bag toss. I have a passion for traveling and was eager to cross of some states I hadn't been. Starting my journey in Orlando, Florida, I was convinced the South was a bunch of hooplas and wasn't that different from the Midwest. However, I was in for a surprise as we took to the road in a cramped Toyota Rav4 across the gulf shores, through New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis. This 25-hour car ride was steadily broken up with sight seeing, food eating, and hotel sleeping. Throughout my time in the Heart of Dixie, I learned some, experienced a lot, and ate enough food for more than one soul. Here are some of the thoughts I had, much like any other Midwesterner would. Here are 37 thoughts that came to mind on this five day trek.

1. Damn it's hot here!

2. You mean to tell me there are different type of southern accents

3. Is it Crawfish or Crayfish?


5. Mississippi is more boring to drive through than Iowa...

6. If you see a Florida license plate there is a 99% chance they'll cut you off

7. "What's Whataburger?"

8. Again, why is it SO hot?

9. No, I don't want a Coke! I just wanted a pop!

10. Which city actually is the City of Blues?

11. Bourbon St. in New Orleans and puts Las Vegas to shame

12. The Civil War ended over 150 years ago people!

13. Which city has the best barbecue again?

14. Why does everyone keep asking me if I am Canadian?

15. Yes, Iowa is a state. No, I don't grow corn or tend to cows

16. I'm not "fixin" anything

17. Why did he call me a Yankee? I'm a Cubs fan...

18. I thought they passed a law against Confederate flags...

19. What is a Dixie?

20. Beignets? Beign (holy fried dough god) ets!

21. Who lied and told me sweet tea at Runza is just like southern sweet tea?!

22. So many ghost stories...


24. Hey, Y'all!

25. Do you think they noticed my accent?

26. They most definitely noticed and are judging me

27. Tom Thumb=Kwik Shop

28. I still have yet to see an Alligator

29. Dang, this IS God's country

30. Is St. Louis really the south?

31. Missouri is just jealous they aren't in Dixie

32. How do you actually pronounce Zaxby's?


34. When it rains, it RAINS.

35. Contemplating if she's actually blessing my heart or really pissed off

36. Someone explain what Cajun actually is...please, please, please.

38. They don't joke... This really is food for the soul


It has been quite the journey, and as much as I love the midwest, I would like to take home the food and soul of the south home with me.

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These places will satisfy all of your breakfast cravings.


If you're a breakfast foodie like I am, you know that is an absolute priority to find the most popular breakfast spots despite the city you may be in. You don't want to visit the touristy and basic restaurants that everyone else goes to, but instead, you are determined to uncover the locations that are the best of the best. Most foodies will go to great lengths to discover these places. As a University of Kentucky student and major foodie, I have searched all over Lexington to find my favorite places to visit on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This took my entire first semester and many trips to the ATM, but today, I am now blessed to say that I am a regular at all 4 of these incredible breakfast spots.

1. The Great Bagel

The Great Bagel is one of my all-time favorite restaurants to visit on Sunday mornings. The restaurant offers a variety of bagel sandwiches and freshly squeezed orange juice, and it makes for the perfect early morning start to a day filled with homework or relaxation.

2. Chocolate Holler

Though not a true restaurant, Chocolate Holler is one of the most popular coffee shops near the University of Kentucky. Because it is only a 3-minute drive from campus, Chocolate Holler is always buzzing with UK students who come to socialize or study. The coffee shop is most well known for its chocolaty drinks and the music is great there, too!

3. Stir Krazy

Stir Krazy is a local smoothie bar down the street that serves protein shakes, smoothies, and tea. Though It only consists of these three beverages, the shakes at Stir Krazy are enough to fill you up for breakfast or lunch. Each shake or smoothies range from 200 to 250 calories and serves as the perfect energizer before a workout or a filling recovery drink after a workout.

4. La Madeleine

La Madeleine is a French breakfast and lunch cafe conveniently located on campus (and only a 30-second walk from my dorm). Their breakfast is served all day long and their croissants are to die for. I highly recommend building your own omelet for the most fulfilling experience. Not to mention, their iced caramel macchiatos are a great refresher on the side.

No matter which city, state, or country I am currently in, I make it my mission to eat as a local would. In Lexington, Kentucky, these four breakfast spots are guaranteed provide you with a plethora of different types of food to get you through even the worst cases of morning hunger. Though these places are my current favorites, I am now looking forward to containing the search for more breakfast restaurants, cafes, and juice bars throughout my next four years in this city.

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10 Songs That Were Made For Long Car Rides

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As college semesters start coming to a close with the dreaded finals, students will begin to head home for the holidays. If the college kids are anything like me, they have a few hour drive to get to their hometown or wherever they are spending the holidays. Here are ten rocking songs that are sure to make your car rides home feel a little bit faster.

1. "Burn the House Down" - AJR

The trumpets have this nice cruising down the high way feel while sticking your hand out the window (unless it's raining).

2. "My Blood" - Twenty One Pilots

An anthem for you and your friends when you want to lift each other up and know you've always got someone there for you.

3. "Valentine" - 5 Seconds of Summer

Whenever I listen to this song all I can do is bop my head. Their voices are so smooth and the beat just puts a smile on my face.

4. "Kamikaze" - WALK THE MOON

Taking a step in the direction you are most uncomfortable with, but doing so with confidence. This is a great pump up song when heading to anything you are scared to do.

5. "Simple" - Florida Georgia Line

Imagine cruising down the freeway along a river, not a worry in sight. Just enjoying the scenic view.

6. "Breathin" - Ariana Grande

For anyone going through something, it is nice to just have a little "pick-me-up." Just keep breathin'.

7. "Tip Toes" - half alive

A nice little alternative rock song to get your blood pumping.

8. "Why" - NF

Gotta have an angry rap song to scream the lyrics of. If you've got any pent up aggression, which I'm sure you do.


This is that one random song you don't skip, but half way through realize you wish you did, but you some how enjoy the song.

10. "Feel Something" - Jaymes Young

If you're single and getting a little desperate, here's a nice one to just sing all alone to your solemn self in the car.

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