We all know how much road trips can get boring and if you do not have the right people with you to make something out of the adventure, you have to rely on yourself for entertainment. We all talk about how getting in the car and going on a road trip as a spare of the moment thing would be the best. Although, some of us say this and they think twice when they must sit in a car for longer than 10 hours at a time.

8 hours is a perfect amount of time for me to sit in a car nothing longer, but this past week I took a trip to Alabama with my family to see the rest of my family that is a 14-hour drive from Wisconsin. I had to come up with some things to entertain myself because I can not sleep in a car for some odd reason. So here is a list of things to do in a car on a road trip.

Make the ultimate playlist.

A car ride without music is basically asking for boredom. I physically cannot be in a car without music even if I am going for a 2-minute drive up the road. Making the ultimate playlist will keep you busy and it passes time quickly.

Watch Movies and TV Shows.

In our society today we all have phones, laptops, and tablets. You can easily download movies onto your device. I buy Blu-ray DVDs all the time and they come with codes. I just entered them online and downloaded them straight to my computer. A good movie is normally one in a half to two hours long, that will surely make time go by.

Bring a book

You can not go wrong with a good novel and depending on the length of the drive you have ahead of yourself, you just might be able to finish it. I was never one to really get car sick while reading but my friend does. So if that is you, reading a book might not be a good choice for you.

Download games on your phone

Games can entertain you for some time. My sister and I played color switch for a while and kept trying to beat each other's score. It became a little competition and it passed time quickly.

Finally, Take a Nap!!

Sleeping is one key to making the time fly by. If you are one that can sleep in a car then this should not be a problem for you! before you know it you will be arriving at your destination and thanks to the plenty hours that you have slept, you got there quicker without dreading the boredom.

Next time you are planning a road trip do not forget about this list. It will keep you busy and pass the time quick. Long car rides can be dreadful and I personally rather get on a plane than sit in a car for more than 8 hours. I wish you all the best on your next road trip. Safe travels and do not forget to make it count!