5 Ways To Not Be Bored On Your Next Road Trip

5 Ways To Not Be Bored On Your Next Road Trip

Keep yourself busy!

We all know how much road trips can get boring and if you do not have the right people with you to make something out of the adventure, you have to rely on yourself for entertainment. We all talk about how getting in the car and going on a road trip as a spare of the moment thing would be the best. Although, some of us say this and they think twice when they must sit in a car for longer than 10 hours at a time.

8 hours is a perfect amount of time for me to sit in a car nothing longer, but this past week I took a trip to Alabama with my family to see the rest of my family that is a 14-hour drive from Wisconsin. I had to come up with some things to entertain myself because I can not sleep in a car for some odd reason. So here is a list of things to do in a car on a road trip.

Make the ultimate playlist.

A car ride without music is basically asking for boredom. I physically cannot be in a car without music even if I am going for a 2-minute drive up the road. Making the ultimate playlist will keep you busy and it passes time quickly.

Watch Movies and TV Shows.

In our society today we all have phones, laptops, and tablets. You can easily download movies onto your device. I buy Blu-ray DVDs all the time and they come with codes. I just entered them online and downloaded them straight to my computer. A good movie is normally one in a half to two hours long, that will surely make time go by.

Bring a book

You can not go wrong with a good novel and depending on the length of the drive you have ahead of yourself, you just might be able to finish it. I was never one to really get car sick while reading but my friend does. So if that is you, reading a book might not be a good choice for you.

Download games on your phone

Games can entertain you for some time. My sister and I played color switch for a while and kept trying to beat each other's score. It became a little competition and it passed time quickly.

Finally, Take a Nap!!

Sleeping is one key to making the time fly by. If you are one that can sleep in a car then this should not be a problem for you! before you know it you will be arriving at your destination and thanks to the plenty hours that you have slept, you got there quicker without dreading the boredom.

Next time you are planning a road trip do not forget about this list. It will keep you busy and pass the time quick. Long car rides can be dreadful and I personally rather get on a plane than sit in a car for more than 8 hours. I wish you all the best on your next road trip. Safe travels and do not forget to make it count!

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15 Spring Break Essentials

Keep Calm it's Spring Break

With Spring Break season upon us, here are 15 essentials you will be needing this spring break whether you’re flying, roadtripping, or just beaching it.


1. Starbucks

Regardless if you are driving through the night to the final destination or stopping half way to sleep, Starbucks is a must

2. Camera

You never know what’s going to happen or what you are going to see on the road that you would say “oh I wish I got that on video!”

4. Aux Cord

Whether you have to buy a radio plug in or a tape or anything, as long as you have a way to connect a phone for music. But be sure to have the friend with the best taste in music make the playlist.

5. Snacks

There is nothing worse than being hangry on the road, it will not be a fun trip for you or for anyone in that case.

This is a MUST on a roadtrip. Nothing sucks more than wearing shoes in a car, and nothing sucks more than getting to a stop and having to take time to put your shoes on.


1.A comfy, but cute, outfit.

Airport pictures can always be the cutest, but skinny jeans on a plane ride are not the comfiest.

2. Earbuds

No one wants to listen to the couple arguing, the kid crying, or the old man snoring. Safe to say, earbuds will save your life.

3. Laptop

Not all of us are always sitting first class so you will need something to watch a movie on! Or just download a season of your favorite Netflix show.

4. Something warm

You don’t have to wear it in the airport, but just throw a hoodie, sweater, or blanket in your carry on because the AC on an airplane is always out of control

5. A book

Whether or not you are listening to music, what’s a better time to read compared to when you are thousands of feet in the air?


1. sunscreen

Yes, all of us on the beach are probably laying out or doing something in the sun with the end goal of going home tanner than when you left. But don’t ruin it and fry yourself the first day and then not want to go into the sun for the rest of the trip. Wear sunscreen!

2. Yeti

Whether it be a Yeti or just an insulated cup, nothing will keep your drink cold for the whole day in the scorching sun.

3. Flip Flops

Are there really any other forms of shoe to wear on the beach?

4. Bluetooth Speaker

This is everything on vacation to be able to set up on the beach and blast music from. They tend to be small and portable but can be very loud as well so it’s the perfect accessory. But once again, make sure the friend with good taste in music is the one who makes the playlist.

5. Camera (…again)

We all know everyone’s Instagram feed is going to be blowing up with pictures of everyone on the beach, so why not join the trend.

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10 Essentials for Solo Road Trip Survival

1. Figure out your directions before Siri strands you in the middle of nowhere.

When I came to college, I found myself a long way from home. Chicago is 650 miles due north of Tuscaloosa, but the drive is around 750 miles and anywhere from 10 to 12 hours. Like any college student, I am cheap and prefer to save money wherever I can, which means I opt to drive instead of fly. So about four times a year, I make a 1500 mile round trip...by myself.

In honor of my Spring Break trip, these are the 10 things I always have to make the drive less painful.

1. Directions

I prefer Siri, but she has failed me more than I care to admit. I recommend sorting out your directional system before you end up in the middle of nowhere, begging for Siri to break the silence and get you home.

2. Snacks

There's nothing worse than having to make an unnecessary stop on an already unnecessarily long drive (for me, anyway.) I am also afraid of many of the gas stations I end up stopping in. So, pack your favorite snacks. It just makes life easier.

3. Drinks

The pretzels will make you thirsty. Make sure to at least put a water bottle in your car. I prefer drinks with straws, because I am excellent at spilling on myself while driving. Straws = one less thing to worry about. Packing drinks ahead of time = another thing not to worry about. Two birds, one stone.

4. Wallet

You need your license. You need your insurance cards. You need your cash and/or cards. Never let it out of your sight.

5. Gas Money

On my first solo drive I didn't realize that my debit card does not work at gas stations. Luckily, my dad always makes me carry cash for that very reason and I was able to make it home. Now, I make sure I have more than enough cash and a card that actually works (plus I earn airline miles so maybe one day I can go somewhere other than Tuscaloosa or Chicago).

6. Music

I am the queen of long playlists. Before every drive, I make a new playlist and try to fill it with as many songs as possible. Once I exhaust that playlist, I just cycle through the old ones. Another solution is to get Satellite radio, but to each his own.

7. Thoughts

You can't exactly pack this ahead of time, but a 12 hour drive is a great time to think things over. I have thought of many articles, short stories, bucket lists, etc. while driving. Just make sure to write them down when you stop - I've forgotten as many ideas as I've remembered.

8. Sunglasses

When you're covering hundreds of miles over 12 hours, odds are you will encounter the sun at some point. Make sure they're easily accessible, there's nothing worse than searching for sunglasses while the sun is blinding you.

9. Layers

Yes your car has heat and A/C, but I prefer to have layers ready to go. Plus, getting out at gas stations can be cold. You never know.

10. Chapstick

Another small item you don't want to spend searching for. Keep it somewhere you can see it, because again, odds are you will need it.

Cover Image Credit: Bella Thoren

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