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Give Me Rihanna Over Beyonce Any Day

My unpopular opinion.

rihanna beyonce

I would argue with anyone on any day of the week that Rihanna is better than Beyonce. I have felt this way for years and my argument just continues to grow over time. While I have been dying waiting for Ri-Ri to stop with the makeup and lingerie and release some new music already, I will still defend her always.

Let me start by saying that this is not a diss in any way against Queen Bey. She is beautiful. She has an amazing voice. She is one of the best performers of our generation. All of these things are true. I am just arguing that she gets more credit than she deserves while my girl Rihanna is slept on.

Beyonce is so rich and powerful in 2018 that is is almost disgusting to me the attitude that she can do no wrong. No one will ever compare or even come close to her in the mind of the public eye. She can do absolutely anything and she will be worshipped like an actual goddess. Her husband cheats on her and she stays with him? Woo YASSS Queen SLAY!

That is not the attitude that I support.

This is not to say Rihanna doesn't have her own sh*t going on. I know she has her flaws. But she acknowledges them and owns them. She doesn't walk around with the attitude that she knows she is the best and she is superior to all other females and humans on Earth.

When it comes down to the basics, I also just like Rihanna better overall. I think she is absolutely beautiful. She can pull off any hairstyle, outfit, tattoo, or even body shape/size with ease. She has the confidence of an absolute badass. She is a savage and does not care what people think or say about her. She is not trying to maintain some perfect image all the time. She just does her own thing and loves herself for who she is. She does what she wants when she wants.

I also like Rihanna's music better. And honestly, the public does too, in my opinion. Rihanna has more number-one singles than Beyonce. In fact, she has the third most number one hits of all time, just behind Mariah Carey and The Beatles. She creates music that empowers women to be strong and independent.

Overall, I love Rihanna's whole vibe. I love her badass attitude and always-changing style. Her music never gets old and her voice is distinct and beautiful. She owns her sh*t and she does what she wants. She isn't worried about being the richest or the most famous or most powerful. She doesn't refer to herself as a queen and she doesn't think she is better than anyone.

Rihanna is my girl and I will defend her to the grave. You can't change my mind.

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