Do you ever have those moments when you can't really describe what your feeling at the time? Someone asks you what's wrong or what you're so excited about, but you just can't put it into words? It is such a special thing when you find a song that can do that for you. One second you're staring out of the window not knowing what to do next when the radio plays that one tune. The one song can stay in your head for days. Years can go by but once that song plays, it brings you back to the first time you've heard it. Music is such a powerful thing and it is one of the greatest gifts in this world.

Different artists and bands all come from different backgrounds. It's not hard to find a story you can relate to. So many of these people came from nothing and made something of themselves. A one in a million chance and they are living it. You don't always think about that when listening to music, but I think it's important to. It makes the art that they are playing so much more meaningful.

Whether you're going through a breakup and "Mercy" by Brett Young comes on or you just got a job promotion and "Happy" by Pharrell starts blasting, these are the songs that really just make you feel some type of way. I'm that person who needs to listen to music when I'm studying. It helps me stay on tasks while enjoying all different kinds of vibes. There are people that cannot exercise without music. We are all motivated by music one way or another.

I didn't have an aux cord in my first car, and the struggle was definitely real. I love the throwbacks - the stuff that isn't really played anymore. I did end up knowing every word to the songs on the radio, so there was a bright side to it. Some of my favorite moments are times spent in the car listening to music with my friends. Whoever is in charge of then aux cord has taken on a huge responsibility to play something that gets us all singing.

I'll never forget the songs that were played at Bat Mitzvahs in middle school, the ones that played on the sidelines of the Friday night football games, the ones we listened to on the way to high school graduation. These songs were with me as I grew up. I listen to songs when I go out at school with new friends I made, and I know listening back to them one day will bring me countless memories. The different kinds of songs and music, they all represent different parts of my life. I am so thankful to have something like music to always comfort me and change my mood instantly. Music is always there to tell me what I feel and tell me that it matters.