“Right Person, Wrong Timing” Doesn’t Exist
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Disclaimer: I am challenging that everyone you meet is the right person for you at a certain time. Not just the cliche that they were perfect for you, but you met right before you moved across the country or something so it didn't work out.

That's right. I said it. I guess I just don't really understand how it's plausible. A natural tendency us humans have is to make excuses as to why bad things happen to us, mostly to help us cope with the way it makes us feel but also to avoid taking any accountability or invoking self-reflection. It's all fun and games until something doesn't go our way, like a break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend that was supposed to be your 'forever.'

I believe it should always be, "right person, right timing," because sometimes the right person isn't who is going to make you the happiest. Believe it or not, life isn't all about being happy! There's a lot more to it than that. The right person is whoever is going to help you grow at a particular point in time, and that doesn't always mean they're going to be good people. You grow with the bad ones too.

People are seasonal; the only inconsistency is how long their seasons may last. You may have needed that first boyfriend for the four years you were on and off in high school, or the best friend that made you feel ugly but only for six months before you finally cut her off.

People are going to come in and out of your life for all sorts of reasons, it's your job to figure out why. Are you really the victim? Or are all these people leaving you because the underlying issue is, in fact, you? Or maybe you just have terrible judgment and have a hard time choosing good friends. That boyfriend that was so perfect and you don't understand why it didn't work out, was he really so perfect? Or were you just blind with infatuation that you couldn't see the red flags? But maybe he was almost perfect for you and vice versa, but you need time to grow as individuals apart from each other before the happily ever after. There are so many reasons why relationships don't work out, but "wrong timing" isn't one of them.

You meet who you meet when you meet them for a reason (a mouthful, I know). Before you start making excuses because they were so right but the timing was so wrong or that they weren't right at all, think about all that you've gained from the failed relationship that you wouldn't have without it because I guarantee you've learned at least one valuable life lesson and if not, you're going to go through the exact same thing again. Life is funny that way. If you don't learn the lesson the first time, you'll keep experiencing that same situation until you finally do. And ultimately, if it's meant to be, it will be, but that doesn't change that you met them when you did for a reason. That's just how life has it.

Everyone you cross paths with has something you need at a particular time, and if you keep with a different mentality than that, you're always going to find yourself struggling to learn whatever lesson you were supposed to and most likely wallowing in self-pity. Be bigger than that. Find the lesson, appreciate the time you spent with that person, and keep pushing forward. Who knows, maybe once you've both grown some more, you'll make your way back to each other. It's ALL in good timing.

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