It's been two weeks since Samantha Josephson unexpectidly lost her . Josephson was kidnapped and killed after exiting a bar and hoping into a car she thought was her Uber. Since her unexpected death, ride service companies having magnetic signs on their cars, have been discussed to help improve the safety of it's riders. Here are 5 reasons why all of them need them.

1. More informative toward customers

Although companies such as Lyft, have them inside of the car, not many have them are on top of it. Having them on top of cars like taxi's do, would better inform customers

2. Customers would trust them more

A sign on top of the veichle, is another way for customers to build more trust with the companies.

3. Can help differentiate between other cars

Sometimes, people don't always know which car is a ride service one and which isn't. One big magnetic sign, can make a difference.

3. Makes the double checking process quicker

As soon as a customer see's a sign, they can immediately begin the process of asking the driver what their name is, who they are there for, looking at the license plate, car model, and making sure the information on the app is true.

4. More visually appealing at night

Finding your Uber, Lyft, or other car from a ride service, can be tricky at night when it's pitch black. That lit up sign can make finding your ride easier.

5. Less Stress Toward Customers

Josephson's unexpected death, has raised stress in many individuals when it comes to using Uber, Lyft, and other companies similar to them. A sign outside the car, can help shrink the stress.