13 Things All Amusement Park Ride Operators Want You To Know
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13 Things All Amusement Park Ride Operators Want You To Know

We don't make the rules, ma'am, we just enforce them.

13 Things All Amusement Park Ride Operators Want You To Know
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As a former ride operator, I get that everyone gets excited when they first arrive at an amusement park. There are so many games to play, rides to ride, foods to eat...the list goes on and on. But, there are always people who go to an amusement park and do things that they know they shouldn't be doing, and then get mad or act surprised when we call them out on it.

Amusement parks are supposed to be fun places for everyone of all ages to enjoy, so when ride operators have to tell people to stop doing things they aren't supposed to be doing, it can take away the fun and ruin the mood for everyone. Nonetheless, here are 13 things that ride operators want you to know and keep in mind next time you go to an amusement park with your family and friends.

1. We measure around the buns and the wedged shoes

Height-checking your child is for their safety. It's not us being mean or rude, it's us making sure that they meet all of the requirements to enjoy the attraction. So whenever your child comes up with a high bun or wedged shoes, keep in mind that they may be asked to take it down or take them off.

2. Don't take down the queue chains

The queue chains are up so people know where to go when they are waiting in line for a ride. If someone takes them down, the line can become a big, unorganized mess and the ride operators will have to make their way through the sea of people in order to fix it.

3. We know when you jump the line

Again, I get it, you're excited that you're about to ride one of your favorite rides, but that doesn't mean that you can cut everyone else who has been waiting patiently for their turn. People do tell us when they get cut in line, and we really don't want to call security, so please be patient and wait like everyone else.

4. Don't be rude to the workers for enforcing the rules

Ride operators don't make the rules, they just enforce them, and those rules are put into place for your safety and protection. When an operator tells you to face forward in your car, it's to make sure that you're safe while you're on the ride, so please don't get mad at them for doing their job.

5. Stand behind the lines

Usually, rides have thick yellow or white lines that spell out "WAIT HERE" on the ground and these are usually on the loading docks of the rides. These lines are there for a lot of reasons like preventing overcrowding on the dock and making sure guests don't get close to a moving car, so again, when you step over them, you're putting your safety in danger, and our number one job is to keep you safe.

6. We know when you're standing up on a ride

Rides that are sit down and don't have seatbelts, like indoor dark rides or water toboggan rides can make it easy for you to stand up on, and because of this there are usually cameras or someone sitting at a lift or another part of the ride, so when you stand up, we know, and we will yell for you to sit down, because calling security is no fun for any party involved.

7. You can't bring your stuff on some rides

Unless it's a medical bag, some rides will not allow you to bring anything that can't fit in your pockets because there might not be enough space on the ride dock, or there's a chance that it'll fall out of the car. We can't hold anything for you because we aren't responsible if anything is lost or stolen. You can have someone else hold your things or place it in a locker that is usually located across from the ride entrance.

8. Don't bring food in the line if you can't finish it

You can bring your food in line while you wait, but you can't take it with you on the ride. I've seen so many people have to throw so much food away because they weren't able to finish it before they got on the ride. We can't hold it and there usually is no place for you to keep it.

9. Don't sit on the handrails

I've had to say this time and time again; you could fall and injure yourself.

10. We know when you're on your phone

There are cameras and there is always at least one person watching the ride. Your phone could fly out of your hand and break, or even hit someone in the head. Plus, having your phone out while a ride is moving can be cause for ejection from the park. So...don't do it, because even when you think we aren't watching, we are.

11. Please don't scream when the train is still in the station

I get that you're excited to ride a certain ride, but screaming when you haven't moved or have been put into the restraints yet is a little much...nothing has even happened yet, so why are you screaming?

12. Don't wear heels

Walking around an amusement park all day does not seem like the best time to wear heels, but I have seen people wear them and I do laugh to myself every single time.

13. Please don't attempt to get on a ride while intoxicated

Yes...this does happen, and yes, you will be ejected from the park.

Amusement parks are places for people of all ages to have fun, so next time you go to one, remember these 13 things and it'll make things a lot easier for both parties!

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