Best-Selling Children's Author Rick Riordan Is An Inspiration and Can Also Get It Any Day of the Week

Percy Jackson. Annabeth Chase. Grover Underwood.

If you're like me, these people weren't just characters in a novel; they were friends that we grew up with and whose adventures always encouraged us to see the hero in ourselves. And for their magical world of monsters and Camp Half-Blood, there's one person to thank— and that's Rick Riordan, who can get it any day of the week.

Rick Riordan isn't just a writer, he also cultivates an intimate Twitter relationship with his fans, who call him "Uncle Rick." Except for me. I call him "Daddy."

And do you see? He agrees.

Riordan's books are noteworthy for their inspiring messages of standing up to bullies, believing in yourself, not stigmatizing disabilities, and appreciating a diverse group of peers. Riordan's personal appearance and fashion choices also denote him as the point at which my fantasies of George Clooney, an east-coat poetry professor, millionaire sugar daddy, and my best friend's dad converge.

I have not read the Kane Chronicles.

Rick Riordan has spoken to countless schools and libraries across the country. And like many authors, he makes a point to support local independence bookstores, both because it's important to stand up to an increasingly monolithic an Internet-based book industry, and also because small bookstores are a good place for him to gently walk behind me, touch my fingers as I inspect a book, and whisper "Let's break the dam bed" in my ear.

In conclusion, Rick Riordan is a total sweetie and should be everyone's hero!

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