The moment I watched the trailer my interest had piqued. I was instantly reminded of old movie musicals I used to watch constantly as a kid. "An American In Paris","WestSide Story", the trailor's color and pop even brought back the spirit embedded within "The Wizard Of Oz".

So I did what any normal person would does once they've seen a trailer they really liked. I went to see the movie the following day naturally! With high spirits I plopped myself down into a plush theatre seat, and began chomping on extremely expensive overly greased popcorn , bracing myself for a good time.

The story is simple enough. Boy meets girl. Girl has a dream. Boy has a dream. Both help each other reach their goals, yet in the midst of it all come across problems that threaten to break them apart. During the movie ,you couldn't help but be reminded of Gene Kelly as Ryan Gosling first steps with his tap shoes against the floor, or smile fondly at Emma Stone's performance when she bore her soul out to the auditoners with a spirit Judy Garland would have been proud to watch . The plot isn't what makes this movie so special, although its relatability .It's nostalgic feel, it's references to old time musicals and film, included with its free spirited action and movie magic pizazz did nothing but keep the audience entranced upon this new movie with its old idea.

The truth of the matter is LA LA LAND ,is something we haven't seen in a while. Its quite an outlier in the film industry, and because of its selflessness and care to bring back something dear within our hearts , it's movie magic quality garnered quite a success .

That being said I give the movie an 8/10 simply because the music within the movie itself could have been more diverse . And because it is quite rather an expected and basic story with maybe just a tiny twist at the end (Emma doesn’t end up with her love ).

Thanks for the chat movie lovers and see you next time !