The time has arrived. Summer is slowly unofficially concluding and more students are returning to school. For most students, returning to school doesn't just mean hitting the books. It also means time to budget, as many will either give up work to focus on academics or not work as many hours as they worked over the summer. Between expenses, food, textbooks, and going out with friends, money management can be a challenge when away at college. Especially when you are only working part-time and not many hours a week.

Then there's those days off or weekends when you and your friends want to escape campus, and have a nice meal like at a family restaurant such as Fridays, Applebee's, or Houlihan's. Unfortunately, the bill doesn't always come out cheap. Yes, you can save money at Applebee's by doing half apps, where all appetizers are half priced after ten o' clock, but Fridays, don't plan on it. Over the years, the price of their food has increased a lot. Houlihan's might be a little cheaper however, it's still expensive.

Between high prices, not working a lot, and even portions of food being not as big, here are six reasons why all restaurant chains should offer discounts to college students.

1. Not many college students have a lot of money

As indicated earlier in this article, many don't work a lot and some don't work at all. Between textbooks, groceries, and other expenses, various students are on tight budgets causing them to not have as much fun

2. Meals are expensive

It can be challenging to walk into a restaurant chain such as a Houlihan's or TGI Fridays and exit without spending at least $15-$20. This has to do with the price of their food increasing rapidly over the years. Who remembers just a few years ago when Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches were only eight dollars? Now they're almost thirteen. A discount sure comes in handy there. Especially for college students

3. They would save money and live better

You hear that slogan all the time as Walmart is always advertising that. Truthfully, Walmart and other retailers, aren't the only types of businesses that can benefit from this. Others such as restaurants can benefit as well considering, people spend a lot of money dining just like they do shopping.

4. Students would be happier when dining out

While many are happy or come off that way when meeting their friends out for a meal at college, not everyone is. This can be seen more at the end of the meal than the beginning. To stay happy, just don't look at the check. Give it to the next table.

5. More people would go on dates

Although many still do the classic dinner and a movie or just out to dinner, not as many students are heading to the family restaurants with their significant others. Various of them are now starting to go to smaller sit-down burger joints such as Five Guys, Smashburger, Shake Shack, and Steak N Shake, or just staying on campus to have some alone time with their love. yes, doing stuff on campus is convenient since you don't have to use any type of transportation but, it's still great to see what else is out there on occasion. At the same though, Dave and Busters is also a place many college couples are escaping to for date night. Keep in mind, who doesn't like food and play under one roof?

6. Can attract crowds from universities and other large schools

When dining in these types of restaurants, customers encounter people in a wide range of demographics surrounding them. Many might find young people who are out of college or parents with little children. Some might even find older couples who are in an older demographic. Of course, you will likely find high schoolers eating with their friends or sports teams. What don't you always see? College kids. Believe it or not, a discount can make a difference. Just advertise and chances are, they will all start running.