Dear Author of My Child Will Not Be Allowed To Be Transgender,

As soon as I came across your article I knew it was going to make my blood boil. Sure enough, it did. You begin your article with a disclaimer that reads, "this article is in NO way saying that I hate transgender/homosexual people. I love and respect them as humans (and friends!)". Do you really love and respect transgender and homosexual people? I would hope that you do, but every other word that you wrote makes it pretty clear that you in fact do not respect them. How could you respect people whom you believe are "are suffering from a mental illness, in a similar fashion to those fighting sicknesses such as anorexia and depression"?

Furthermore, exclaiming that these people are suffering from a mental illness is absolutely disgusting. Do you not think that transgender and homosexual people have a hard enough time on a daily basis trying to get other people to understand their situation without people like you broadcasting that they are mentally disturbed?

Those who are homosexual or are going through gender reassignment should be treated with love and respect. Not the kind of love and respect that you claim to be giving them, as I or most other people would not say such hurtful words to people that you truly love and respect. Referring to people who are simply trying to be comfortable in their own skin, and live a life where they are happy and accepted is not a "war" as you outrageously call it. It is progression. It is inclusion. It is providing every single individual with basic human rights and not judging their situation because you have no idea what they go through on a daily basis, or what they have done to get to this point. You have no idea how you would handle yourself if you were in their situation.

You say "we have grown too comfortable with letting our children be whoever or whatever they want to be." As a parent, don't you want to give your children the world and let them become whoever they want to be? Don't you want your children to reach for the stars and dream the most fantastical dreams? And you will probably say that they can have any dream so long as it does not alter their sexuality. But what does a person's sexual orientation have to do with their life, or how they live it? The only harm in this world for those who are transgender or homosexual is people like you that go out of your way to slander them and make them feel less than you, inferior to you, or as you put it "mentally ill". Pushing your child into therapy and counseling is not going to 'fix' your child because there is nothing wrong with them.

Finally, you mention that "this is not how God created us to be". I am not a religious person, but I have read the Bible and understand that the most basic message from religion is that God is a loving entity. If you believe that God is pure and good and created every human on this planet out of love, then how can you even believe that God would create people that are not good and are not 'allowed' on this planet? You saying that you will pray to God every night that your child does not turn out the way that they desire, and brainwashing yourself that just because your child wants to marry the same sex, or undergo gender reassignment that they are mentally ill, is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Every child that is brought onto this Earth is a gift, and should be loved and cherished especially by their own parents. The fact that you would pray every night against your own flesh and blood's true chance of happiness is just plain sad.