Be Organized, GET A PLANNER!

Starting the New Year being late is definitely something that will ruin anyones motivation to do anything that they have planned or any goals that need accomplishing. Start by making a quick stop at TjMaxx or Marshalls and pick up a cute planner to plan out basically everything that you have coming up: work, birthdays, events, errands, or even personal days to treat yourself (ALWAYS make time for that when you can!).

Hit The Gym!

This is such a common resolution that people make and never follow through with when The New Year comes one of the few who do! Not only will the gym keep you in shape, but it'll also help you clear up stress and tension from either school, work, anything! Don't be afraid to ask someone for advice on how to work out, or what to do, or how you should do it. Honestly, the key to being successful at achieving this New Year's goal is to get a little help and support on the way!

Time Management

If you found yourself always forgetting to do things, or simply running out of time to do them because you got so caught up in something else happening during the day, try planning the day out better and giving yourself time sections for different errands. Some people, including myself, set alarms on their phone for about 10-15 minutes before their next errand needs to be ran or before their next appointment starts. Find a way to manage time so that you are always getting things done and don't need to stress over missing anything later. (Also, leave some "me time" in there as well!)

Dont Forget Self-Care

First step for the start of any New Year is to clear out any negativity in your life. Whether it be a relationship, friendship, family conflict, scratch it! Starting The New Year off on a bad note can ruin anyones hope to starting fresh. Leave all that nonsense in 2018 and open new doors for better opportunities in 2019! :)