As a college sophomore, I'm not going to say that I do not go out and party on the weekends. It's nice to go out and let off some steam every once in a while — especially if it's Friday night, you're in a clammy college basement and you're dancing to "Mr. Brightside." But being the go-to party girl is not always the reputation you want — or it wasn't necessarily the one I wanted.

Freshman year was the first time that I was away from my parents, and I wanted to experience all that college had to offer. But with that, I became the girl who was known to go out and have too much fun sometimes.

So, to the girl that is becoming the known "party girl," here are some tips to get you through this.

1. Stay in sometimes and watch a Netflix movie.

I wish someone had asked me to stay in on a Friday or Saturday night and have a girls night with them — binge eating popcorn, watching Netflix and doing face masks. Everyone needs a night to themselves, or one with their closest girlfriends, every once in a while. So take the time to have a "you night."

2. It's OK to not go out.

Sidney Ambrogio

There were plenty of nights when my roommate and I did not feel like putting on makeup and getting dressed up, just to sweat all our makeup off and feel gross the next morning.

Its OK to tell your friends you do not want to go out. And don't feel bad about it! Do not let your friends make you feel bad because you want to stay in with your roommate and binge Domino's and Disney movies.

3. Just because you party, that does not mean your education does not matter.

Sidney Ambrogio

Do not let your grades slip because you go out and party! You do not want to be failing out of college, and you do not want to be known as the girl who failed out because she partied too much.

Trust me, it is not a good look, and you'll pay for it during your sophomore year — just like I am. Going out every weekend will get you sick, and you will miss classes. And missed classes equals slipping grades.

4. You do not have to drink to be cool.

During my spring semester freshman year, I had my appendix taken out. With that being said, I could not drink for about a month and a half. But honestly, I had more fun being the DD of the group than I did while having to worry about finding a DD.

I loved waking up before noon and being so productive. You do not have to drink to be cool. You're probably even cooler because you are making sure your friends have a safe ride home. In my eyes, I would rather have fun sober and drive my drunk friends home than wake up hungover and have blisters on my feet because I had to walk home

So, with these tips and tricks, I hope you find your place in the party scene at your school — whether it be a huge party school, like University of Delaware, or a small school, like Salve Regina. Be smart, but have fun!