The Trap

The trap. I fell right in! I had no idea I would be sucked into its folders and didn't think to turn away when the tiny pinpricks began to form in the back of my eyes. Facebook photo albums, people!! They really getcha. Or they got me, at least. Got me good.

The senior year of high school album was an enticing and strong tearjerker in particular. Especially when I came across pictures I didn't even remember taking! I couldn't have told you where it was from, where the room in the background was. And that really got me. Am I already forgetting some of these precious memories that I have stored for this very purpose of remembering them when I am old and gray? Turns out you don't have to be old and gray, apparently.

The Friends

Thankfully, I've got those great old friends memorialized in the pictures right here at college with me. I had to wait as they got home from physics lab and lib west, but eventually, they came home and refreshed my memory about all the pictures' details that I couldn't put into place in the file cabinets in my brain. Friends are great for this stuff, I've realized!! Never forget the beauty of the memories that are held within each other as well. What the pictures couldn't tell me, they did. We are all basically giant memory machines, constantly creating more memories to relay to others further on down the line. I don't mind that title. Memory machine.

Memory Machines

Now that I have finished my Facebook memory lane escapade, I have accepted my title of a memory machine, and I am ready to grasp on to these moments that come at me every day and polish them up with the intent to really realllllly remember every last detail. So that in the future when I am reminiscing with my friends about the good old days I will barely even need the help of a Facebook album labeled "UF". I'll just have all of the memories tucked up there in my file cabinets. And also, a quick side note-it's okay to let it all out and cry sometimes. This particular cry led to a tear waterfall that hadn't happened in far too long. But that's okay. Another memory to add to the bank. I'm ready to start dispensing these memories. Come and get them while they're hot!