Remembering Laci Peterson
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Remembering Laci Peterson

17 years ago this month, Laci Peterson, a young, pregnant woman with a radiant smile disappeared.

Remembering Laci Peterson
NBC Dateline

Laci Peterson was born as Laci Denise Rocha on May 4, 1975 to Sharon and Dennis Rocha. She had a brother named Brent and a sister named Amy and was raised on a farm. Laci's mom said she loved to watch movies, and was one of those special people who would become emotional during movies. Her mom said she could watch the same movie over and over again, and still cry because she was such a sensitive person. One of her favorite movies to watch was Superman. Laci went to college at California Polytechnic State University as a Horticulture major, so she loved plants very much. Laci worked as a substitute teacher. She enjoyed taking care of her home in Modesto, California- she watched Martha Stewart in the mornings and enjoyed gardening. She also loved to cook. Laci was a petite young woman, standing at 5'1" and had a brilliant smile.

Laci married a young man named Scott Peterson, whom she met at college. They later got married, and at the age of 27, she became pregnant with their first child- a boy. Laci was very excited to become a mom- she already was a dog mom to a Golden Retriever, named McKenzie, whom she devotedly took on long walks everyday- even when she was heavily pregnant. Laci decorated her baby's nursery with a nautical theme, and had planned to name her son Conner.

Laci's due date was on February 10, 2003. Tragically, on December 24, 2002, Christmas Eve, Laci disappeared. Her husband, Scott was under investigation. Months later, her remains and those of her unborn child were discovered on the shore of San Francisco Bay. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death for her murder. I wrote this article in memory of Laci and her child who sadly never got to take his first breath. I was dismayed at how very little information about Laci there was available. In dramatic cases such as these, the media tends to hyper-focus and even glorify on the killer, often neglecting the victim. In cases like this, the victim's tragedy becomes news fodder and a source of entertainment. This is a disgrace and this is why I chose to write about Laci. Remember Laci for who she was: a young, beautiful, vivacious woman who loved movies and plants, who was a dog mom to McKenzie and mom-to-be to Conner.

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