Remakes & Sequels & Prequels, Oh Why?

Remakes & Sequels & Prequels, Oh Why?

Some movies only need to be done once.

Hollywood, how ya feelin'? You seem to be having a terrible case of nostalgia.

Why is it that every other movie seems to be a remake, prequel or sequel to a movie that could honestly stand alone? It was slightly refreshing to watch the Oscar's and see some truly original pieces get nominated, such as Get Out!, Call Me By Your Name, Baby Driver, Three Billboards (and even) The Shape of Water.

I'm all for original work. In fact, I'd 100% much rather support a crappy, low-budget original feature than another Strangers or Death Wish. What really pushed me over the edge about the constant lack of originality and creativity within the film industry is this movie I found on Netflix.

Not only is this movie, somehow a remake and a sequel, it also just blows.

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, has thought about the movie "Big Fat Liar", the original 2003 film starring Frankie Muniz, Amanda Bynes and Paul Giamatti, more than I have. It is hands down one of my favorite films, ever.


It contains an almost perfect sequence of typical wacky, mid-2000's wardrobe, hijinks and dialogue. It showcases the glamour of Hollywood from the eyes of a teen, as well as, highlighting the brutal, "fish eat fish" work ethic of Hollywood's biggest entertainers. It was, in my opinion, just an all around great ORIGINAL movie. This, on the other hand, is garbage.

I attempted to watch the movie on Netflix and had to clock out around 45 minutes in. Not only is half of the movie a word-for-word remake, the premise of this "slightly" altered "film" makes 0 sense. The directors basically kept the names of the original characters, changed the plot slightly (main character gets his video game idea stolen instead of movie *cue eyeroll*) and took out all of the parts that actually made the original great and replaced them with hijinks that make no sense to the overall plot.

It's movies, like this, that make movie lovers, like me, hate remakes and sequels. Diversify your content Hollywood, and maybe you can make a believer out of me again.

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