Memes to Help You Get Through Finals Week

Memes to Help You Get Through Finals Week

Take a break with studies and laugh at these relatable memes.


As final week approaches, many find themselves stressed and under a lot of pressure to perform well. Take a small break from studying and enjoy these relatable memes.

1. Overload of Exams

Trying to understand how you can have so many exams leading up to the final.

2. The Power of a Syllabus 

Apparently syllabus has all the answers to your question...

3. Stay Far Away, Trust Me

Run while you still can.

4. Who Dis?

Problems of having large lectures

5. Winter Madness

Not only is it time for finals but also time to face the snow

6. When College Hits You Hard

Nothing more relatable than this tweet as a student

7. End the Misery

The reason why students don't look when crossing across the street on campus:

1. A chance to stop suffering through school

2. A chance to get their tuition and bills paid for

8. What is Sleep?

Sacrificing your sleep for better grades

9. The Struggle is Real 

When your grades are similar to your credit school

10. Acceptance of continuing failure...

Haha he's not wrong. Here's to the super super super seniors

11. It just gets worse. 

The meme says enough

12. Relatable af

Don't cry over the pain when you can laugh about it

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