Tumblrgirls Vol.3 By Reem Unknown

With love comes passion, and with passion comes the will to relay those feelings and emotions through the gifts we are given as individuals.

Whether that gift is singing, dancing, drawing, writing — hell it could be cooking. It’s something about manifesting those emotions into something that others can view and react to themselves.

In this scenario, the love is for beautiful women scattered across the globe, the passion is creating a sound for that love.

Baltimore, Maryland producer Reem Unknown relays this love and passion with a new project this past Valentine’s Day. Reem returns to us with tumblrgirls; vol. 3, the final installment of his long-running tumblrgirls tribute series starting from 2015.

"Working with Reem is sometimes like finding that missing piece to your puzzle. You're more than likely stressing over something that's very trivial from him. The experience I had working with him was out of this world. Truly talented producer." - recording artists, phakehawaii

As Reem has stated this is his last official beat tape, the young producer brings out his best work flaunting his ear for his obscure, cryptic sounds that mold together in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Along with these sounds, Reem brings a collection of other artists that help blend this essential wave of Reem brings a collection of other artists that help blend this essential wave of with their unknown qualities and attributes.

Here are some links to those sounds below:




"An album made for a warm heart, and a broken one." - photographer, RMSVisuals

The features that arrive throughout this project include producer Aracde! and artists Phakehawaii, Anajah, & Baby Blux. Reem is also credited for his executive production on this project as well as art direction.

Not only is this a stamp of Reem’s ability to conjure some of the most creative, immersive sounds but that his identity of these sounds is also in control by him. Somewhat of a preview for what Reem has stored for the future.

"If you plan to find any new music this year, make sure Reem Unknown is an artist you don't forget" - producer, Austindied

You can stream tumblrgirls; vol. 3 below as well as follow Reem Unknown on Soundcloud and Twitter for more news on music and releases.

Be sure to check out some of Reem’s old beat tapes, because whatever comes next from the young creative might be some of his rarest work.

Alright, Bye. – reemunknwn

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